Autumn Go

Julie and I pray this finds you super blessed and strong in our Lord. Please let me quickly update you on what the Lord has us doing this month. On November 7th, we celebrate 42 years of marriage. Can you believe Julie has put up with me for that long?  

On the 15th, I will travel back to Asia. GoRevival School of missions and evangelism will begin on November 1st through December 10th. I will be teaching on prayer, healing, and helping the students with outreaches to the lost. We have some ministry planned in a prison and also in some hospitals. As always the students will be cooking food and giving it to people in great need. On November 24-27th, I will be involved an interdenominational evangelistic event in a small stadium. This is a great opportunity to see the lost saved, many sick healed, and to unify the body of Christ together. 

Please, can you pray over this event and for me as well. Prayers for favor and for safety during all the travel is important. Also that the gospel will go forth with power and fall upon open hearts. This is an opportunity for many lost souls to know Jesus as Lord. It is also our desire that the believers that are participating in this event will be refreshed and filled with Holy Spirit.  

In addition to the GoRevival School and this event, I will be ministering in three churches. Because the distance is so far we do our best to maximize our time and opportunities. Please agree with us in prayer for great health and strength.

Thank you so much for helping us the way you do. Your prayers avail much power and blessing. Your generosity helps us to keep going forward with each assignment the Lord gives us. You have an equal part in each and every soul that is reached and saved through the gospel. All those who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. But how shall they call unless they believe? How shall they believe unless they hear? How shall they hear unless someone preaches to them? How shall they preach unless they are sent? Thank you for sending us!

Charley & Julie

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