I write with a heart burning on fire and am full of gratitude for you. I am no longer troubled! First, let me tell why my heart was troubled and how that has passed. Since the 2000s, each time upon returning to America my heart was increasingly troubled. The fire of revival was burning across Mexico and then Colombia. The body of Christ in these nations was being revived and increasing in love and power. However, an opposite decline was slowly occurring in much of America. These past three years working in Asia, seeing the revival fires ignite, and later traveling back to the states had only increased the burden and grief in my heart. Oh how this is now changing. I am no longer troubled but so encouraged for the USA. Revival is here and an awakening is growing.

April 11th, we started a 3 night revival meeting in my hometown of Canton, Texas. We extended and now have finished a third week. All in attendance are so hungry for more of God’s presence, power, and love. Thirty-eight attendees took water baptismin a cold swimming pool. With no advance notice, hearts heard the call to surrender to Jesus and were water baptized on the spot. Some who had been born again in the meeting were water baptized for the very first time. Others humbled themselves in obedienceto an inward call to a subsequent baptism for the sake personal revival, freedom, or a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit and anointing. We are all in for Jesus once again!

There has been a constant flow of gifts of the Holy Spirit. Tongues and interpretation of tongues, powerful prophecy, words of knowledge, and gifts of healing have all been constant in every service. Each night we have heard wonderful testimonies of Jesus’ healing and love. Including: deliverance from 12 years of guilt and shame, freedom from 40 plus years of bitterness and hatred toward a dad who sexually abused and abandoned, deliverance from self hatred, fatal bladder condition healed, catheter no longer needed and removed the next day, feet injured during boot camp with constant neuropathy everyday since 2003 healed, years of insomnia since active combat duty healed, 11 years of constant pain from broken coccyx healed, and a torn rotator cuff healed. One, with almost 70 years of daily pain and suffering from severe leg injuries sustained when hit by a car as little girl, was totally healed. Someone with 8 years of nerve damage, pain, and lack of motion from a botched foot surgery was 100% healed. There were neck injuries, back injuries, ruptured discs, on and on, all healed. Jesus!

Meetings have been three nights per week and lasting three to four hours a night. Few people leave. Losing some sleep is no big deal when you are hungry and thirsty for more of God. Others return for the morning prayer meetings. Folks of various churches and backgrounds, were filled with Holy Spirit and received their prayer language. 

There is a spirit of love and unity among us. Restoration is occurring in families as people let go, forgive, and let Jesus heal. Men are falling in love with Jesus. One testified, “Two weeks ago if you asked me, who do I love more? God or my wife? If I was honest, I would have said my wife. Now, I definitely love Jesus more than anyone. However I love my wife even more now.” Others have laid down theirs burdens. Stopping daily use of alcohol, marijuana, and other things used to medicate their broken souls. Their story is Jesus is way more than enough. “I love people again, including myself”, is a common comment. Some are literally intoxicated throughout their day in the anointing and presence of Holy Spirit upon them. So it’s just too much to write today, but can you see why I am no longer troubled? I believe a 3rd great awakening is beginning in America. God is having mercy on us and healing our land.

Please let me quickly give an update on Asia. In the middle of a huge covid spike and restrictions, the work there is flourishing. Construction of our last building (worship hall/classroom) for the school of missions has begun. The team will be graduating 34 missionaries in my absence. We are so proud of all our GRSM team. Last week, they began training 53 new students at the Bible School. Visas and flights are not available for Julie and I, but we continue our financial support and can teach via zoom as we have been doing for the school there.

Please set your heart and faith in agreement with us. We thank you for praying and financially supporting the work including the revival in Canton this past month. Though our mission and impact in Asia continues expanding, we say yes to a new mission and assignment to awaken and ignite revival here in our beloved USA. 

Be Encouraged,

Charley & Julie 

The No Title Jesus Revival

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