What A Savior

Dear Friends & Family,

Good morning. Julie and I send you our love. Summer is soon upon us. In the natural that means a new season is taking shape. God is speaking to my heart and I am expecting so much more than a change in the weather. As I began to write this letter, this word came to me. I hope it will minister to you.

Seasons come and seasons go. Seasons change. My love for you remains the same. Seasons evolve. One fading into the next. My faithfulness to you stands constant. So upon that, place your bet.  

Push your chips to the middle of the table. I have dealt you a winning hand! For like me you are a son of God, as much as you are a son of man. You don’t have to be clever to figure it out. I am leading by my Spirit, for you a perfect route. I am speaking to your heart and driving out doubt. You will not be found wanting. You will not be without! I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor their seed begging bread. For I am your living Savior, the One raised from the dead. Grace and mercy unending flow from my blood that was shed, so be encouraged and lift up your head.

This season too shall pass. What does the future hold you might ask? Oh, it is full of My love and goodness as it was in the last. Tried and true am I not? I am here to remind you, just in case you forgot. I take care of my own of whom you belong. Let this ring in your heart as your anthem and your song! Soon you will be looking over your shoulder, back at these days, saying, oh what a mighty Savior Jesus, I give Him the all the praise!

I hope this encourages you as much as it does me. In short, we are doing very well. Everyone in our family is well. Everyone in the Colombian church is well. The shutdown is extended until July 31st. I will be preaching online in an upcoming service. We, along with the local church team there, are helping some families make it through financially. A beautiful thing is that others in the church have been doing so as well. International travel is shut down to and from Colombia until August. Also, we are unable to schedule anything at this time in Asia. But you know what? Soon we will be looking over our shoulder, back at these days, saying, oh what a mighty Savior Jesus, I give Him all the praise!

In closing, we just want to thank you for standing with us in prayer and for your financial support. We have seen the hand of God on an almost daily basis. In April, I asked God what was going to happen. I heard, “You are going to see my faithfulness” and we have. We have been able to keep everything going and to be a blessing to other missionaries and ministries. What a mighty Savior Jesus, we give Him all the praise.

With much love,

Charley & Julie 


Dear Friends & Family,  Julie and I send you our love and a happy hello.  I keep hearing the word providence in my spirit. Providence means: The foreseeing care and guidance of God. It is a manifestation of His divine care or direction. I like to think of this as finding Holy Spirit’s fingerprints on the blessing scene of our lives. […]

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A Heavenly Sound & A Perfect Note

Dear Friends & Family,  Julie and I are super happy to write you today. My heart is full. Wow! We are encouraged and full of hope. God is doing amazing things in and through his people. It is our greatest hour and opportunity.   When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the […]

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The First Day of Spring

Hello Everyone & Happy First Day of Spring,  It’s a new season, as March 19th marks the beginning of the Springtime in our calendars.New life is springing up and His promises are abounding towards us all. We’re happy to announce that our website is back up again and fully functioning. Have a good Friday, The SHM Team          An […]

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His Dynamic Energy

Dear Friends & Family,  Julie and I send you our love. She and Hannah started the year off in Colombia in a fight with killer bees. Yes, African killer bees in Colombia! Upon arrival, they were swarmed by a colony that took up residence on the eves while the house was vacant in December. Every time a […]

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Finding Lost Treasure

Dear Friends & Family,  It’s a joy to write you early this morning. As we step over into the new year I think most of us do so desiring positive change in many areas of our lives. I do and have every year. I want changes within my heart and soul this year. So I am up early, […]

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Freedom For The Burdened & Battered

Dear Friends and Family, Please let me share a very brief and yet positive report. Last week in the Colombian hamlet of Sonsón, I watched Jesus take on fear with His perfect love. Guess who won? No match of course. Right before the first meeting a rainbow appeared inspiring me to preach from Isaiah 54:9-10. […]

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Life’s Road

Buenos dias from Bogota’. Julie and I hope your summer was great and you got some rest. The nine hour drive from Rionegro to Bogota’ the day before yesterday was a great example of life. At times, it was a four-lane highway smooth and fast. But soon it would change back to two lanes, up and […]

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A Heart’s Journey In Meditation

Dear Friends & Family, Julie and I send you a big hug. Sometimes my son Seth says, “You got to risk it to get the biscuit.” I want to risk my heart today. Recently Psalms 48:9 has taken my soul on a pretty cool journey. This is the way it reads in the New Living Translation. “O […]

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The Promise

Dear Friends & Family, Happy summer! Julie and I hope you are well and enjoying yours. We are having a great time keeping grandsons while Charley Jr. and Kelly are in Peru. I am enjoying the extra time to read and do some cooking.  Among other things the Lord has been taking me through a restudy of His […]

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