Our True Home

Greetings from the nation of Serbia. I am praying for you to receive the grace of God that brings you close to His heart. I’m including myself and everybody in my family in this prayer. Because it’s from this place of closeness to Jesus that the truly good and pure things flow in our hearts. May the resting place of His tangible love be our true home.

Like David said, one day in your house Lord, is better than 1,000 elsewhere. For me that house, is His presence and not a building. So though I’m writing you from Serbia, I’m really writing you from home. His heart of love for me is my home and it’s yours too! 

Aaron and I ministered in five different churches before he left Tuesday. I have three more meetings before I leave here. So far, what we have experienced here in different parts of the body of Christ has varied. From our limited exposure, it seems as though there’s tremendous need for teaching and for the move of the spirit. Some of the churches are completely dead. Others do not understand so many of God’s principles and promises.  

The nation, as a whole, is almost totally lost in dead religion with maybe only 2% or less having the new birth. There’s so much work here to be done. I’m praying that God will send many laborers who are full of His love, spirit, and word to these people. It appears that the pastors have tried a few programs and religious ideas, but there has never been a great move of God’s spirit. The harvest of the past has been lost. The one that is ripe now is in danger of the same.  

The young people here are completely lost and do not have hope for the future. The death rate exceeds the birth rate. The young people are leaving here to find work and a future in other parts of Europe. Everything seems to be in a state of decline, including the body of Christ. The population is sustained by immigration, mostly from Muslim nations. Also, China is buying up the country. God is putting His love for the people here in my heart. Please join me in prayer for the Serbian church and for the lost souls of this nation.  

Please know that Julie and I love and appreciate you more than we can communicate in a letter. I hope to write again soon with good news from here and other places.

All the best,

Charley & Julie

Fall Missions In Europe

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Revival Breakthrough

We are grateful to God that we can write with a brief but extremely good report.   You may recall that we were invited, spur of the moment, to minister in a denominational church. We did so and Holy Spirit powerfully touched the young adults (ages 18 to 30). Therefore, their pastor invited us to come […]

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Summer GRSM

Greetings from Asia. Jesus is showing His great love and power here! Please let me share a few exciting examples with you. We started with the Go Revival School of Missions. On the second day, all thirty-three students received the baptism of Holy Spirit and thirty-one received their prayer language. Several students traveled three days by […]

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A One Word Command

Julie and I pray you are doing well and experiencing the wonderful blessings of God in your life. We are soon to be leaving for Asia. We are super excited and happy to have our special friend, Pastor Ty, of the Remnant Church, traveling and ministering with us.  This is the first Go Revival School of Missions (GRSM) in this region. […]

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Taste And See

Hello Friends! Have you ever eaten something so delicious that you just couldn’t wait to share it with somebody else? Well, I believe the Word and it says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” So, I’ve been tasting Him and I’m here to tell you, He is even better than my homemade chocolate […]

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Easter Gospel Crusade

As Easter approaches, Julie and I are thinking of and praying for you. May this Easter be a time that you encounter God’s presence and love in a special tangible way. Our time in Mexico was awesome. We greatly enjoyed seeing all the Crow family and so many old friends at Iglesia Palabra de Vida. […]

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I am so excited, blessed really, to give an update. I am on a midnight flight from Bogota to Dallas, TX. My heart is full and I want to share a little piece of it with you. What has been happening the last four weeks has been much like Jesus with the woman at the well in […]

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On The Road Again

Greetings from Colombia. Julie and I pray that you’re strong in the Lord and living your life for and with our great King Jesus. Years ago, Willie Nelson wrote a song entitled, “On The Road Again”. The repetitive line in the song is, “On the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road […]

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To Proclaim The Gospel

What a joy we have in Jesus! What a love we have found in our Lord. Julie and I are so blessed and excited for the new year that God has given. Life is a gift and each day precious. 2023 shall be good for you because you are in Jesus Christ and He is in […]

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