His Praises

Greetings from Colombia. I want to share a great key of blessing and breakthrough with you. Psalms 22:3 teaches us that God inhabits the praises of his people. Our redemption is a finished work but we must appropriate the benefits. This happens through the spiritual law that we could call “the law of fair exchange”. Praise is one way we access what He obtained for us. Praising God is my response to the victory that Jesus won over my eternal death, hell, sickness, poverty, lack, and over all the power of my enemy. When you’re at the big game, a big play requires a big response from the fans (fanatics). Jesus made a big play on the cross of Calvary. Jesus scored the greatest goal when he rose from the dead. To the degree I respond in praise, is the degree that the benefits of His win for me actually flow and manifest in my life. Some people buy a ticket to just sit and watch the game. These are called spectators. Other people come and with their faces or even chest painted and shout and jump and rejoice every time their team makes a good play. When it comes to Jesus and what He has done for me and what He does do for me, I am not a spectator. I’m a fanatic, a part of the Jesus Christ fan club! I am way into Him.

Though I like their music, John Lennon inappropriately said that the Beatles would become more popular than Jesus Christ. Well the band had a good run. They soon broke up and John tragically was killed. Jesus risen from the dead, and alive now for 2,000 plus years, is by far the most popular and famous man of all human history. His fame and popularity is growing exponentially in our day. He is my champion, hero, great Savior, and Lord. Forever He shall be my great companion and friend. I can’t give the King of kings and Lord of lords a little golf clap, a nod of the head, or a tip of my hat. I have to shout His praises from the rooftops and today I am actually up on a mountain writing to you about His praises.

Lucifer, who was in charge of sound and atmosphere control in heaven, understands better than we do the power of praising God. He has deceived us into quietly sitting by and thus allowing Satan to win in our life. The above verse teaches when I start praising God, God manifests on or into to the scene of my life. Psalms 32:7 teaches that God is my hiding place. That He comes and surrounds me with songs and shouts of deliverance. This is a spiritual law. As soon as I start praising God He comes and inhabits my praise, hiding me in His presence, so the devil can’t even see me. All the devil can see is God, Who he is so terrified of, surrounding me, singing over me, and shouting my deliverance. That shout of God, over Charley, terrifies the devil and he runs off and out the scene of my life and away from the almighty God in my life. 

There are only two responses to a threat. Fight or flight. Years ago, unbeknownst to us, we rented a house that actually belonged to a drug dealer. There was a covered patio off the side of our bedroom with a sliding glass door. Our bed was 3 feet from that sliding glass door and I slept on that side. One night while sleeping, several bad guys came. I was awakened by one of them tapping on the sliding glass door. I jumped out of bed and started shouting at the top of my lungs. They instantly ran away. If the shout of a 5’5” pale, fat white man, in white briefs can scare off three or four bad guys. How much more do you think the shout of God himself terrifies the principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, little devils, and demons that Jesus already defeated. Man, it puts them on the run. When you start shouting to God with the voice of triumph, He encircles you with His shout. That shout, His shout delivers you, praise God!

These last couple of months have been challenging. Attacks to my physical body, rash, and fatigue. Attacks on our finances. Attacks on my mind and ability to sleep. Thank God, 4 days ago, the Holy Spirit began reminding me of the power of praise. I woke up the other morning shouting praises. Each day, I am continually praising God. Strength has returned. Joy has returned. The peace of God is back abundantly within me. The symptoms in my body are greatly improving and I can sleep. I am filled again with the spirit of faith. We are stepping up our sowing. Finances are coming! He has, is, and will continue to prosper Soul Harvest Missions. The devil’s attack has been routed.

We are now in some spontaneous unplanned revival meetings. God is moving powerfully. Praise God who always causes us to triumph. Regarding the crusade in La Ceja, though we invested the time and finances, it was blocked by local politics. With only two days notice, we were forced to change the venue with no time to print new publicity for the location. Some people found us and souls were saved and lots of folks healed. We praise Him for His winning plays in the middle of adversity. My buddy Aaron, came down to help us. He heard God tell him to share on the baptism of the Holy Ghost, in an extra spur of the moment meeting. Sixteen people were filled with God’s power. Yeah Jesus. Glory to God, I heard them worshipping in sixteen languages that were not Spanish or English. 

I learned a long time ago that if just one soul is rescued and born again, it’s worth all the effort. As the scripture declares: “He who spared not his only son but gave him up for us all, how will He with Him not freely give us all things”. God already paid the ultimate and gave His greatest gift to save them. So any money or effort invested that reaches even just one, is nothing in comparison.  

Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for all you have given and the sacrifice you have made. Because of your sowing, we can continue to preach the Gospel and advance the kingdom of God here in Colombia. As mentioned, His kingdom operates through the law of fair exchange. Whatsoever a man sows into this kingdom he shall he reap. God responds to our offerings of praise with deliverance. He loves and responds to the cheerful giver. He multiplies all the seed that you and I sow. I praise God for your harvest of finances and His harvest of souls.  

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

Charley & Julie

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