Missions School Graduates

My heart is full and I am delighted to write once again with a good report. We graduated 22 students from the School of Missions in Asia. 

After graduation, 10 of them went on a missions trip to a neighboring country. They stepped out in faith ministering to the sick in a number of villages. As they shared their testimonies and the Gospel, Jesus healed several people of injuries and disease. The graduates are so encouraged seeing the people opening their hearts to Jesus and believing in Him to be their Lord and savior. Souls for Jesus is our reward!

I am now here, teaching with my good minister friend in the Bible School. Here we have fifty- five students from many different states. This week I am teaching on the subject of prayer. This is a foundational school and we are hearing great testimonies from the students.

During Wednesday night prayer, one student was healed of a rare disease causing tumors in and around the left knee. He has been battling this for 13 years. Surgery was his only option but he had only a 20% chance of success without amputation. So he continued suffering all this time. Now Jesus has healed him. The tumors are completely gone and he has no pain. He has regained full use of his leg. All glory to Jesus! 

This weekend, I ministered in four revival services at the church. Holy Spirit moved powerfully. First in bringing repentance and then the next night filling people with the joy of the Lord. Last night, more than a hundred were baptized in Holy Spirit fire and deeply interceding at the altar for the lost. After this, God moved in healing and deliverance. It was an awesome and glorious time. I have another week of classes here. As soon as I finish, a driver is taking me to another city for a weekend youth revival. 

After this, I am flying on for further revival/evangelistic meetings. Then I fly home to the U.S.

Thank you so much for sending the good news of Jesus to Asia. Your prayers and giving are helping us to reach the lost, heal the sick, and to train and equip laborers for the harvest. 

With much love and thankful hearts,

Charley & Julie

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