Julie and I pray that you are well and strong in the Lord. Please let me take a moment to update you on ministry in Asia.

Thank you so much for your prayers! Travel has been quite good. Praise God, the pain and problem with the kidney stone was gone by the time I arrived to my final destination. I was able to hit the ground running. I have been teaching 3 hours of classes each morning and preaching some of the nights in revival meetings. These have been open-air meetings. God has blessed with unusually cooler and pleasant weather.

The outstanding thing happening in these meetings is a powerful outpouring of Holy Spirit, especially among the children. Little ones, as young as five, are being swept up into intercession. Many of the young girls, ages eight to ten and into their later teens, are being ignited with a spirit of prayer. Some of the children have had visions of Jesus and others of heaven. Some have seen Jesus coming to their tribes and families.

This is such a holy thing to watch and experience. The fire of God spreading among the young people is so awesome. Most of those coming to the altar for salvation are youth and young adults. One can feel the resistance among the older people. They don’t respond much and don’t seem to understand what God is doing. The future of course is with the young people. Jesus’ work among them and their utter surrender to the Lord should be a great encouragement to the older generations. It certainly is to me. 

I have been teaching a lot on prayer and life in the Spirit. Also in the classes there have been times of great outpouring. Jesus is baptizing us once again in fire.  

Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you for standing with us for souls and to reach the nations with the gospel! God has blessed us so much and has always been faithful to meet every need.

With much love,

Charley & Julie

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