Greetings from beautiful Colombia. I have good stuff to share with you, really quick. I arrived to Bogota and the taxi driver thought I was a really green gringo. He tried to cheat me so bad. I confronted him and paid the correct fair, explaining he lost a really good tip. I shared with him how the word says we are to treat strangers and he got under conviction and repented. I shared Jesus and he let me pray for him! So he got the best tip – JC is Lord!

We are postponing moving around our base here until summer. I moved our furniture and belongings, which are being stored under the church covered parking. We are building a metal wall around it with a door. When we move it out, we will dig out the white parking rocks, lay in bricks, and cover it with cement for a smooth floor. This will become a new classroom. It’s a win! 

Holy Spirit has been all over me these days. This has left me on the floor at times travailing for souls. Friday, four of the five movers helping us: Diego 38, Diego 51, Raphael 49, and Homer 70, all gave their lives to Jesus. Diego 51, the owner, was a tough nut but Jesus broke through and laid hold of his hard heart. Diego became a son of God. Jesus is awesome.

Then yesterday, a young man of 28, told me he was tormented and hearing voices. He wanted Jesus but was unable to make a sincere surrender. Some moments he was serious and others the demons were laughing at me. Jesus helped me get a hold of his heart and I told him the only way he could get free was to get baptized immediately. He was baptized as a baby but of course an infant cannot choose Jesus and does not need baptism in order to have eternal life. It is only after we reach the age of accountability and sin, that we lose our connection with God. We sin and die spiritually. The spiritual death comes in that moment. Then without salvation intervening, the final physical death quickly or eventually happens and then follows eternal damnation and suffering in hell. Thank God for Jesus. Thank God for the Holy Ghost.  

He obeyed God yesterday and did not die in his sin. We drove him from town out to the crystal river in the X Trail 4X4. It is dry season and there is not much water but we found some knee deep. Interestingly, when we got in the river it started to rain. This young man gave his life to Jesus, then Jair and I baptized him. When he came up out of the water, the power of the Holy Ghost and fire came upon him and the devils fled. Obedience to Jesus’ command to be baptized brings freedom. You see when he was 20, he and his partner were living together and they had a son. When their son was 2 and the young man 22, he ran off and abandoned the son. The last six years, this young man had wasted his youth on cocaine, selfish sexual relationships, and staying drunk much of the time. When he got back up on the riverbank, the son now 8, grabbed and hugged his daddy and forgave him.  

 After this Jair, Laura, and I took them to the young man’s father’s farm. It was quite a spectacle for the extended family when he showed up soaking wet, with the wet and muddy barefoot gringo. He asked his dad and mother, to forgive him. They did. Then Jesus healed the ruptured disk in the dad’s back. He could stand on his right foot and hold to the left in perfect balance with zero pain for the first time in 12 years. Then Jesus also healed the bulging cyst tumor on the back left side of the dad’s head. After this, I shared the gospel with the parents, two grandmothers and two aunts, all of whom along with the little son gave their lives to Jesus. “He will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I will not come and smite the land with a curse.” Malachi 4:6  

We finally got to lunch at 4. I talked the mall security guard into turning down the music and muting the televisions. I preached the cross, resurrection, new birth, and gave an invitation. No one responded. The security guard came to stop it. I told her God will bless her for letting me share. I had a word of knowledge for a torn ACL but no one responded. We then invited the sick out to the parking lot for healing but no one came. We left and walked up to the bakery. Jesus healed the lady bringing the cookies, who was crippled from a torn ACL. Then the young manager gave me a “don’t interrupt my employee” look. I walked up to the glass counter and smiled at her. I motioned her to come up close to her side of the counter. Holy Spirit helped me. My head went lower and lower as I looked her straight in the eyes. I can transmit Jesus’ love from my eyes when He has my heart. Finally with my cheek and chin on top of the glass counter, Jesus read her mail. Jair lowered his head next to mine to translate the whisper of a word of knowledge. Laura watched on quietly praying. Jesus then healed this young woman of a childhood rape and trauma. He restored her innocence and gave her Joy. She met Jesus! 

Yes, that’s our Jesus. He will trust you with his heart for the lost if you ask Him. When you do and He does, you may end up on the floor weeping for them (I love it down there with Jesus). However, when you get up He will lead you to the lost. A few hours of travail, and Jesus allowed me to enjoy the best two days of 2022 thus far. Please give us more travail Jesus? Please Lord, many more souls.

Later this month, I will be in Salinas, California for intercession and an evangelistic outreach with Joe and his team. Go Revival School of missions, in Asia, begins March 11th. Please lift Julie and I, and SHM up in prayer. I will run fast and pretty hard from now until May. Safe travels, favor, and abundance of resources are big needs these next very busy months. Physical strength and vibrant health are super important for all the travel and the conditions in Asia. As long as I can stay busy I am fine. It can get a little lonely. That is part of the price, but I have to tap into more of His presence and grace. I need to hit the right rhythm of travel, ministry, prayer, and times of rest at home. The rest of my time here in Colombia, I am meeting with pastors and forming a new team to help with a crusade in July and August. 

May God give you fire and more souls for your sacrifices of prayer and financial support.

Charley & Julie

Delivered & Restored

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