“Companionship” was the word I heard! An answer which was a little stunning, but upon praying into it, not surprising. It’s the answer to the question I put to Jesus last week. The question was a simple one. One I have asked Him many times over the years. “Lord, what do you want from me?

I looked companionship up in a few dictionaries and the definition that came up the most was “fellowship”. That did not help me down the road much in my understanding. In more than one was found, “a sharing of interest”. That seemed to help and I sensed He liked that idea. It must be true that He wants us to share in what He’s interested in. So I thought, well Jesus is interested in the salvation of lost souls. He is interested in me preaching His good news, inviting and calling people into relationship with Him. That is where my mind and heart went first. Very much an evangelist’s response I am sureWhat would you say He is interested in? I believe we each have different answers to this question.Then Jesus said something to me. “I am also interested in what you are interested in. I want to share in your interest too.” He reminded me of fifteen years ago when I was praying about something that I needed to do for Hannah and Seth when we lived in Chia, Colombia. He said, “Son if it’s important to you. It’s important to me”.  

I asked myself this morning what does companionship mean to me. The answer that came to my heart was, “sharing life together”. Though I have not always done so, life is really good when shared with Jesus. Not compartmentalized, but integrated with Him makes it supernatural. He likes to be invited into all of it and life becomes sweet when one does so. He is really good at and enjoys loving Julie, the kids and grands, being a friend to others, working, resting, praying, and studying. He is a good cook and a great traveling buddy. I can’t say if Jesus is a good golfer but I know He has had some hearty laughs at me on the course. Some can tell you Jesus knows where the fish are and the deer. He is the best business partner in the world. Writing this makes me realize the need to stir myself up and be more intentional in inviting Him in. I hope it stirs you too.

Finally the idea arrived that I should ask Jesus what companionship means to Him.“Loving each other really well” was His immediate response to my heart. Jesus wants me to share the gospel with others because He wants companionship with them. His desire is to love them really well. Like me, this is every person’s deepest need. We can love Jesus really well because He loves us really well. We can love others really well because Jesus loves us really well. And oh Lord, we can even love ourselves because Jesus loves us really well. We love Him because He first loveus, according to 1 John 4:19. “No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I heard from My Father I have made known to you”, John 15:15. That’s companionship!  

Violence seems to have subsided in the area of Colombia where we minister and the economy is mostly open despite covid cases being at the highest rate so far. I am planning to travel back this month. Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks for joining your faith and standing with us. May Jesus’ heart be gratified with new companions

May the rest of your summer with Jesus truly be something special.

Much Love,

Charley & Julie 

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