The No Title Jesus Revival

As we celebrate the Easter season, I am full of encouragement and hope for you. For your church, the body of Christ in America, and the world. God has done a tremendous work in me these last two weeks. Allow me to set the stage and share what was just seen with my eyes and touched with my hands and heard in my heart.

I surrendered my life to Jesus soon after the Easter season of 1992. At this time, I read my first Christian book, the autobiography of Charles FinneySomeone anonymously mailed it to my law office. It is the story of the second great awakening in America and it branded my heart. I have dreamed of seeing the third awakening every day of my life for the past 29 years. We have seen and been part of numerous revivals in various churches in America and other nations. But never an awakening. An awakening is when the majority of the entire body of Christ in a nation is revived and a vast percentage of the lost in that nation are saved. This has happened twice so far. First from 1730-1770 and then from 1830-1845. We have had many revivals, renewals, and outpourings since, but not a national awakening. I believe the third is here. Even though it’s in an infant state in some parts. In others, it is an embryo and is even now being birthed in other areas of the nation.   

The other day, my heart woke me up singing, “My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord”. This happened after being in 3 days of meetings in Colorado Springs with my 36-year-old evangelist buddy, Kris K., along with several new friends. Let me share a few highlights of what happened.   

First, I met and made a new evangelist friend, Joe B. He is 30 and is evangelizing every day on the streets of Santa Cruz, CA. There is much darkness there but Joe has baptized 200+ in the pacific during covid. After water baptism, he ministers the infilling of the Holy Spirit to them. He and Kris are wonderful young men of God. The Lord used them to stir me up and remind me of the way I used to be. What it is to be filled up with the fire of God. While there, I repented of apathy, negativity, and you name it, but made the needed adjustments. The Lord has given His fire and zeal once again. However, it’s a little different burning on a 57-year-old bush than the 30 or 36-year-old ones I was hanging with!

We were in The Jesus Church, a young small church that meets downtown in a Wesleyan Church. We met 3 days for AM and PM meetings. While also evangelizing on the streets and in a shopping mall during two of the days. Each night people of all ages and walks of life were water baptized on the spot. The first night, about 20 went home wet in the snow. Pastor Nick and other leaders did the honors. Many believers repented, confessing sin in the tank to pastor Nick or the lady assisting. Some who got saved on the street and in the mall came to the PM service for water baptism. All were filled for the first time or refilled with Holy Spirit in the tank. Some came out shaking or quaking under the anointing of Holy Spirit and others speaking in new tongues. I have not seen baptisms like this since 1997, during the revival in Pensacola Florida.

Attendees experienced: solid salvations resulting in the new birth of their spirit, real repentance, miracles, healings, tongues and interpretation, prophecies, and words of knowledge for healing. It was the book of Acts each meeting. I have not seen such hunger for Jesus in America since the 1990s.  

A lady who was bound in witchcraft was saved, baptized in water, and several demons left her. She was touched so deeply. She shared with pastors Nick and Hannah how she was in church as a little girl. At that time, her father had sexually abused her. Later she fell into the new age, occult, and finally total darkness. She came out of the water shaking and filled with Holy Spirit. All glory Jesus! The last night, several pastors came to the altar. This was when we gave a call for reconsecration to the call of God. Some of them had quit. Others were bitter, disappointed, and wounded. All who responded were gloriously refilled with Holy Spirit and fire. They were re-energized with fresh zeal and fresh commitment. The word got out and we had a new crowd the last night including these ministers. Others asked Pastor Nick, “What price did you pay to get this (spiritually they meant)? We have been praying for decades to see something like this in Colorado Springs. We can’t believe it is only the third night. This is like revival meetings that are in the third week or month”. Pastor Nick explained that we did pray but we had not paid anything. We just gave God a place and the time to do whatever He wanted. He is doing this.

I understand what is beginning is sovereign and in God’s timing. However, we still have to cooperate and embrace it in order to receive the grace and holy fire that results in transformation. What about you? Will you give him the place and time to do it in your life, home, church, or city? Do you want to tell your children, your grands, and your greats what it was like to be part of the third great awakening in America? Or to continue to fool around with whatever? Come on, Jesus loves you too much. What are we waiting for? To rescue our lives and that of the nation the 2024 elections? Heaven forbid. God birthed our nation with the first awakening. Then strengthened her before the civil war with the second and has begun now to rescue us with another one. God is calling us now to be first responders. 

I have reconsecrated and am cooperating with Him the best I know how in this moment. God has given us a new mission assignment, so we have shifted things and quickly organized a revival meeting in my hometown. Below is the info:


April 18, 19, & 20 @ 6pm

Silver Spur Resort

13785 State Hwy 19, Canton TX 75103 

It is required for us at SHM, to give back to our precious hometown and nation. The time is now! May the USA rise once again in the Spirit of God and then in freedom. I hope you might could come and join us? If not, get ready because soon and suddenly Jesus is coming to you and your town, as the holy fire that He is.

We have stepped out and rented the venue and purchased sound equipment. We’re ready for whatever Holy Spirit wills to do. We endeavor to obey Him while knowing some of what it entails. I have learned these past 29 years that God has no problem offending people’s minds in order to reach their hearts. Revival and awakening in our hometown of Canton, TX is the mission assignment in this instant. Please, we need your supplication and support. 

We hope to give an update about Asia and our mission endeavors next month. Thanks for standing with us for revival and for the lost to be saved.

 May you be encouraged,

 Charley & Julie 

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