Dear Friends & Family,

Julie and I send you our love and a happy hello. 

I keep hearing the word providence in my spirit. Providence means: The foreseeing care and guidance of God. It is a manifestation of His divine care or direction. I like to think of this as finding Holy Spirit’s fingerprints on the blessing scene of our lives. We are finding them scattered about even now.

The Go Revival School of Missions has been in session since March 23rd. About half of the students arrived a day before their government shut down the entire country. Including all buses, trains, planes, and travel by car. This was done without any notice. They arrived and then within hours could not leave. Students and local staff have been there in our building for 36 days now. Providentially the school was allowed to continue. No one has fallen ill. Not even of a stomachache. In fact, that area is so remote that there has yet to be one reported case of the disease. Our students are safe. Providence.

The Holy Spirit is moving powerfully in their midst. Though it has been a marathon of close quarters, there have been no behavioral issues or conflicts amongst students. They have experienced a supernatural unity and have made friendships that will last a lifetime. Local authorities gave the school chefs permission to travel to the market to buy food. Unlike other parts of Asia, there has been no shortage of food as of yet in their regionProvidence.

 Pastor W. and the local staff have been doing the majority of the teaching. Our flights were canceled. However, I have been able to teach some of my classes via zoom live online. The internet is slow there and we have had some electrical outages as well, but all in all it has worked quite well. The students will finish classes this Friday and we hope to have them back in November for our missions conference and afterwards be able to conduct the hands on Evangelism training. Thank God we have been able to send the funds for the building rent, to buy the food, and meet other needs of the students and staff. Because of your generosity they are eating much better than they do normally, even more so during a time like this. Providence.  

In Colombia, the church is shut down and we are receiving mixed information as to when it will be able to reopen. One report says not until September and another January. I believe however that when churches open up in the United States that Colombia will soon follow. We are believing that the Colombian church will be open again in June or July at the latest. We trust God to provide and that there will be no loss in all that’s been invested to make it a wonderful place for people to worship. We also believe that when opening again, there will be a spike in attendance and souls saved. Providence!

We want to thank you for being so incredibly kind and faithful to support the mission work. We are praying for you. May you continue to experience the faithfulness and loving care of our great Father. He is protecting and guiding you! Providence.

Be Encouraged,

Charley & Julie 

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