Freedom For The Burdened & Battered

Dear Friends and Family,

Please let me share a very brief and yet positive report. Last week in the Colombian hamlet of Sonsón, I watched Jesus take on fear with His perfect love. Guess who won? No match of course. Right before the first meeting a rainbow appeared inspiring me to preach from Isaiah 54:9-10. During the altar calls, one hundred and sixty plus precious souls surrendered to Love Himself. I don’t recall sensing His presence so tangibly and strong among us in a crusade. But never before had I preached exclusively on the theme of His love. The last night, I emphasized how “God wants sons, not servants or slaves”. Grown men, ages thirties to sixties wept deeply during the final altar call. They came heavily burdened and left with faces glowing and eyes twinkling. Truly born again. Awesome Savior Jesus! All the Glory to Him.  

We have certainly seen a much greater quantity respond for salvation, but those who did so in Sonsón experienced a quality of transformative Holy Spirit power to the core of their beings. This fired me up. I traveled home for Thanksgiving with deep satisfaction in my soul. So thankful to our amazing Lord Jesus! He also healed many including: deafness, blindness, and took away all pain from broken bones, ribs, and healing injuries. But it was the healing and freedom that He gave to the battered and brokenhearted that was so outstanding! Thank you for being so generous to partner with us in reaching Sonsón and to support this soul winning endeavor. Together we truly made a positive impact. 

We are needing to catch up and raise a portion of the funds needed for next year. Please pray and agree with us in faith to reach our year end goals. More projects will come along in the new year. Starting the year with a good operating fund will help us stay ahead throughout the year. If the Lord touches your heart to help the ministry with a special gift, then Julie and I heartily thank you!

After the crusade Sunday night, I overheard an older Colombian lady who serves on the team say, “You know Charley must be a billionaire in heaven”. I never thought like that but it touched my heart. If this is so, it’s a joint and mutual account with you. We cannot sufficiently thank you for your heartfelt prayers, true love, and amazing generosity. We are so grateful for every soul you helped reach and every minister you helped train.  

May God’s love and goodness overwhelm you this Christmas,

   Charley and Julie

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