Life’s Road

Buenos dias from Bogota’. Julie and I hope your summer was great and you got some rest. The nine hour drive from Rionegro to Bogota’ the day before yesterday was a great example of life. At times, it was a four-lane highway smooth and fast. But soon it would change back to two lanes, up and down, winding through the mountains. I would get stuck behind big trucks and buses creeping along at 15 mph. I went over high mountains and saw incredible vistas. So exciting! I went through a jungle region with rain so heavy it was not possible to see the next curve. Life itself is a winding road. 

There were two accidents where my journey came to a sudden halt. I went through a dry desert canyon with no sign of life. It was an isolated place but I was not lonely because Jesus is always with me. I crossed big rivers and little streams. On that drive, I saw and enjoyed some amazing things that God created. A shocking surprise was a hippopotamus on the Magdalena river. Pablo Escobar imported some many years ago for his safari ranch in Puerto Triumpho. Some escaped, multiplied in the wild, and are a big problem in this area. When finally making it to Bogota’, the final destination, I got stuck in a terrible traffic jam for over an hour. Stuck in the middle of this mass of humanity, I could feel the heart of Jesus and how He loves each and every one. Life is just one big journey. That’s really all it is.

This trip was to bless and encourage my Pastor friend who I have known for 25 years. God had put it in our hearts to bless he and his wife with our best car. As missionaries, we too obey in tithing and giving and constantly sow for the harvest. No matter how hard life’s journey may be, when our purpose is to bless and encourage others, the journey is a fun and exciting one. 

Our road in ministry is certainly changing. God is calling us now to work seasonally in Asia and the Americas. We celebrated the 2nd anniversary of the church plant in Riongero last Sunday. By God’s grace we were able to raise up this strong and healthy church. Now as missionaries we must move on. The journey continues and the road keeps changing. Beginning October 8th through November 6th, I will travel to conduct revival campaigns in two restricted nations in Asia. We will be feeding over two hundred pastors and leaders each day. Today, I began communication with a new contact in Colombia in hopes of setting up a campaign there for the first week of December.  

For the last 18 months, I have been traveling and preaching the gospel on three continents.  In Asia, as well as North and South America. The work in Asia is increasing and I believe at some point doors may even open in Europe. God is repositioning us and getting us readfor the more. At His direction, we rented a house in Grapevine, Texas to use as a stateside base. We are sharing this place with Hannah and have our office there. It’s 10 minutes from DFW airport and 3 minutes from Charley Jr., Kelly, and their boys. You can’t imagine what it means to us to be that close to some of our kids and grandkids after being so far away for so long. Julie, aka Nona, is one happy Abuela (Grandmother). 

Also, we believe a move of God is coming to America and Holy Spirit will use us to facilitate His purpose for revival in the USA. I will go wherever people are hungry for the outpouring of Holy Spirit. Whether it be in a church, a home, in a barn, or under a tree. I am called to the hungry and thirsty wherever they are!  

In July, instead of trading it, some awesome friends blessed us with a very nice pickup truck. This has been a huge blessing with our recent move and set up. All of these changes have of course stretched us and depleted some savings. However, as a family, we heard the Lord say in prayer “Don’t worry if the expenses triple, the provision triples”. Julie and I are standing on this word and of course on all the many promises of provision in the Word.

We need your help in prayer. Please agree with us that the body of Christ in Asia will be greatly revived and that many new souls be brought into the kingdom. Please pray for safety and health. Please agree with us for new and proper contacts and connections in these and other nations. Also, for clear and precise leading and guidance by Holy Spirit. Divine wisdom in ministry and in navigating these cultures is needed. These are restricted access nations and persecution is growing at a very alarming rate in one of them. Please agree for the finances that we need for these outreaches and for the increase in monthly budget. Please agree for God to touch hearts for new support and/or increased support. Please pray that God will open doors into churches in the USA for revival. Lastly, please pray that our prayer network will increase. 

In closing we just want to say thank you! God has been faithful. You have been faithful. Change and transition are rough, but we want to be faithful. Your prayers and financial support empower us to do so. We must continue the journey and the call. I only want to fulfill my part of the great commission and never let it be my great omission. I can literally feel the prayers that are being prayed for us. It is so exciting.

With much love and sincere appreciation,

Charley & Julie 

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