Equipping Young Missionaries

Dear Friends & Family,

Greetings from Asia. I have begun the journey back to Colombia and have a positive report for you. What the Lord has done makes my heart very happy.

The GoRevival event was a big hit. In three days we reached more than 1,500 youth with the gospel and baptism in the Holy Spirit. Another goal was reached, as more than 100 of them heard and responded to God calling their hearts to world missions. A high point was the Joyful Praise Parade. We put the band on a truck and about 500 young people marched through the entire city with flags, banners, singing, and dancing. Even townspeople came out of their homes and watched with big smiles. One lady, bed fast, was healed as the parade passed by. She came to the service that night and shared the miracle with us! It took our team 15 hours by treacherous roads to travel about 180 miles to reach this remote city. Six of us flew by helicopter in only 35 minutes, but I did not escape this road on our return. That $20.50 helicopter ticket was the best money I ever spent.

Our partnership with the local Pastor and ministry there is truly a fruitful one. We trained up 34 missionaries with a very intensive 40 day course. After graduation, we sent out four different teams to four countries on missions! All went by train except the China team, who flew. I have been receiving reports of them ministering in hospitals and schools as well as sharing the gospel one on one with many. Some of the graduates are making connections for future long-term assignments in these nations. 

I want to thank you for your generosity in helping us get this training center started. You helped us to rent and furnish the building with two comfortable dormitories, a kitchen, air conditioned classroom space, and offices for Sinai. We will use the building for a leadership school in September and more missionary training in November. Because of your generosity we were able to feed the trainees and staff well. Also to transport them for the outreaches every week and round trip on the extended outreach. It was like feeding and equipping a small army.

After finishing this school, I immediately traveled on and began helping my friend, Pastor S., with his first ministry school. We trained 64 students from this and surrounding states and nations. We took all the students to a hospital on Friday. All the wards were packed with sick and injured. We received news that the hospital was becoming almost empty the next day. All glory to Jesus!

We also conducted a rural evangelistic crusade with the students. We saw over 70 people respond for salvation and lots of healings. Both nights the Holy Spirit fell. Numerous people were filled and began speaking in other tongues when this happened. Many grown men who came drunk the first night were in tears. The following night, I noticed them sober and sincere. The students did amazing, as they released words of knowledge for healing and prayed for the sick. A great number of crusade goers were saved and delivered from the demonic. We also had four wonderful Holy Spirit led services at F. H. Church. The students also did a phenomenal job ministering in these. I could not be prouder of them if they were my own kids.

My heart is full from seeing all the Lord did and the success His grace gave. I feel so blessed Jesus has called us to this new assignment in Asia. I am happy to be on the way home to Julie in Colombia. We plan to begin making a few changes this summer to better facilitate working in Asia.  

Thanks for loving and praying for us. Thank you for generously supporting Soul Harvest and helping with all this work the Lord has given us to do. We are praying for you. May God bless you greatly you for all you have done and given. He is forever generous and amazingly kind to us all.  

Much Love,

Charley & Julie

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