On The Road To Revival

Dear Friends & Family,

Julie and I hope this letter finds you full of joy. It’s a beautiful morning here in Colombia. We wish that we could bottle it up and send you some. 

Wow. What is going on with the ministry, and us can be best summed up in the words of Willie Nelson, “On the road again”. Let me quickly share what God is calling us to do and the doors He has opened. Jesus saidit this way, “Go ye into all the world”. Willie just kind of looks like Jesus. Maybe not or maybe more like a really old Jesus? Ok, let’s go on here.

February 4th-11th, I will be traveling and ministering in Mexico. First stop will be Puebla City, ministering witha good friend Pastor Andrew McMillanfrom Medellin, and the infamous Pastor John Arnottfrom Toronto. I have never been in a meeting where he was ministering. I want pastor John to lay hands on me a minimum of five times a day! Though this was an invitation to minister, I know I am really going to receive a fresh anointing and impartation from Holy Spirit. Thereafter, headed up to Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas to visit my Pastors, Bobby and Lynn Crow. I will preach and minister for them at Iglesia Palabra de Vida. Our mission in Mexicocan be summed up in one word: revival.From Mexico, traveling up to the great nation of Texasto be together with Juliefor a week before heading to Asia. We will visit our parents, grandchildren, and Charley & Kelly. My Mom is now ninety-four, so I want to see her with every possible chance.

February 19th, I’ll depart for Southeast Asia. This is a multifaceted mission. In three nationsimpacting at least four, and maybe more. For safety, I can’t share too many specifics, but the first stop is in a Muslim nation. Here, I and some friends will be ministering to a large size group of pastorsthat are coming over from Iran. It is impossible for us to go into Iran, thus this strategy. The guys on the team will be teaching them all kinds of things from the word. It was asked that I do the night meetingsand impartfire and revival to them. Our mission is to send these pastors home to Iran  being renewed, revived, and full of the word and of Holy Spirit. My friends will travel back home to the States, but I’ll travel on to Thailand and to another predominantly Buddhist nation.  

In Chiang Mai, Thailandthere is an invitation to teach and minister at a Bible school. After giving the commencement address for their graduation service, I will also be preaching in two local churchesfull of young believers. From there, will travel to the last country. In this place, there will be connection with three pastors from yet another closed nation within the same region. Together we will conduct a short-term harvest and activation school. I’m supposed to be back here in Colombia by mid March to teach in our school and some revival meetings in Bogota.  

By the end of April, hopefully Julie and I can be back in Asia for another two schools and a crusade. More about all that in next month’s update.  

“On the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road again”. Well, my spirit can’t wait but this middle aged self sure can! “The life I love is” worshiping Jesus “with my friends and I just can’t wait to get on the road again.” Sorry, just could not resist that one.

We need your prayers like never before. Divine protection and strength are big. Please stand with us for souls saved, revival, and for the Body of Christ in these nations to be more equipped and greatly strengthened. We are moving through these doors by faith,while making tremendous connectionsfor the harvest in Asia. We are trusting God and believe that every need will be supplied and that “Where He guides, He provides”. You go with us in our hearts. As you have an equal part in all of this work and an equal eternal rewardin partnering with us and reaching the people in these foreign fields.

With Much Love,

Charley & Julie

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