Press Into Jesus

Dear Friends & Family,

Lazarus had been dead four days. His sisters received a promise from Jesus. I believe He had told them, sometime before their brother got sick and died, that if they would “only believe” they “would see the glory of God”. Maybe He told this to Mary the day she worshipped at His feet and washed them with her tears and hair. As she anointed them with the perfume from the alabaster box.  

It would behoove us to press into Jesus and remember what He has done for us (Mary was a forgiven prostitute) and not what we have done for him. Worshiping Him with such humility, reckless love, and sincere gratitude, wonderful Jesus cannot resist. He responds with promises and actions that bring dead things back to life!

Perhaps Mary received this promise when Jesus came to their house for dinner at Martha’s invitation. Martha was worried and running about to serve and impress Him. Mary was just sitting at His feet, drinking in His presence, and listening to His word. Perhaps He spoke it to her then and she shared it with Martha. Maybe He spoke it to Martha when He arrived at the scene. When He told her, “Your brother will rise again”, but I don’t believe it was in that moment. Jesus intentionally waited two days and Lazarus died.  Sometimes He waits while things die in our lives. Even when we are calling Him to come and save or heal it. He lets ministries, churches, and revivals die. Sometimes dreams, businesses, and even relationships die. The death is not the final word or outcome with Jesus.  

I returned yesterday from a church in Yarumal that died in losing more than half its congregation. During each of the eight services, I saw Jesus speak and breathe life back into the congregation. They rose up and stepped out of a tomb. While some are still bound in grave clothes, my friend Fransisco, who is the new Pastor, will unwrap them and they will be free and more alive and healthier than before.  

Like Martha, I have been busy doing so many things for Jesus. However, the ministry that God gave me to bring revival, that I loved so much, slowly died over these last several years. Over the past eleven months, Jesus has been resurrecting that ministry inside me. I am different now and honestly more healthy as a son than before. Feeling and knowing that God has given me more love for people, and truly more patience and long suffering than before. He has filled me with His fire and Spirit again. Now there is empathy in my heart for people that was never there before.  

These days, all I can sincerely preach on with a tangible anointing, is God’s love. His fire is falling again and He is coming in glory. It’s wonderful! I love revival but I love Jesus more. I love revival but I love His people more. If the revival does not ignite or does but then fizzles out, I am still a happy man. I get to go home to Julie and we can go hit a golf ball together. I am in love with Jesus again and not with ministry. God’s people are more important to me than the- 

-results or accomplishments that my orphan heart used to need.

We are not told what sickness Lazarus had that killed him. One thing I know is, when Jesus raised Him from the dead, he no longer had it. To raise someone from the dead it must take the gifts of healing, working of miracles, and special faith. 

Sometimes we are sick in our souls. The only way to be completely well, is to let the thing we have strived so long and so hard for to die. Because if that thing (in my case, revival ministry) is more important to us than Jesus or people, then that is a sign that we are very sick. Whatever is dying, or dead, be encouraged because there is a resurrection. More importantly, there is a healing of the soul. With that health and wholeness in your soul, now you can have your: dream, church, ministry, business, relationships etc. but it will not have you. Jesus and people will be more important than it. This is very good for us and everyone else in our lives.  

In closing, I want to share that we need and appreciate your prayers and help. We have spent a lot moving, traveling, ministering, bringing revival, and establishing the new church here in Colombia. I will need to travel home as we are gathering our family together for Thanksgiving this year. It’s been a long time since we have all been together.

Also another door for revival has opened in Manipur, another state in India. I am going there soon for revival meetings. We will gather the congregations of 29 Baptist churches. They are desperate for the Holy Spirit and fires of revival. Their young people are becoming agnostic and churches are dying. I will travel there on December 3rd and return the 22nd.  Please keep us in your prayers. We need strength, safety, and anointing. We must have God’s heart, message, and fire for these struggling churches in need. We are believing God for a tremendous amount of finances these last two months. Please hook your faith up with us. Resurrection and revival are coming.  

Jesus Loves You,

Charley & Julie

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