God is Doing Big Things in Missions

Dear Friends & Family,

Julie and I send you our love and a big hello from Colombia. We have good news, actually great news to share with you.  We are very excited. God is on the move and we are on the go!

This past Sunday, we celebrated the first anniversary of Iglesia Puerto Del Cielo. The service was great and we had a big meal following. Everyone had an amazing time and no one wanted to leave. This church is really becoming a family.  Agustin is doing a great job as pastor and we are believing that within six to eight months the church will be able to sustain the rent and utilities on its own. Until that becomes a reality, Soul Harvest will continue some to help carry the church financially.

Our new grandson, William Finn Elliott, is scheduled to arrive around September 19th. Julie will be traveling to Seattle around the 15th to help Michelle and Seth with the new baby and with Harper. We are so excited for Michelle and Seth.  Finn will be grandson number 5 and grandchild number 6.

I leave this Friday, August 30th, on a revival mission to Kohima, Nagaland, India. We have scheduled three weeks of revival meetings from September 5th until the 24th. I have a knowing in my spirit that this is going to be a really special revival and something great is going to come from it. We’ll be serving Faith Harvest Church and helping them enter into to revival. Pastors Shan and Acum Kikon, are wonderful. The church is super hungry for the presence of God. Please pray for me and for this church and city. It is absolutely strategic to what the Lord is doing in India. It is my hope that a well of revival will open up to give the water of life to the entire region.This is the Northeast corner of India and it borders with Nepal, Bhutan, and Burma.

I will be taking and blessing this church with some much needed sound equipment. This place is remote and the trip is going to be a long and hard one. The flight itinerary is: Medellin-Miami-Boston-London-Mumbai-Calcutta-Dimapur.  Then it’s three hours in a jeep on a dirt road to Kohima. I start traveling Friday at 2pm and will arrive in Kohima next Tuesday around 6pm. The return is back through Seattle to see Julie, Seth’s family, and to hold our new baby Finn.

There is nothing I like or enjoy more than the assignment to bring revival. This time around, I sense it is all God’s doing and idea. I feel privileged that He has chosen me to go and to be used. There’s so much grace on this assignment. I’ve felt Him breathing on it like I have not in a long time. Not to be presumptive about it, but it’s just a knowing in my heart that the real deal is about to go down. May He pour His Spirit out upon us all again. We need a new season of real, true, and sovereign revival.Oh yes, let it be so Lord!

I just want to tell you that Julie and I love you. We appreciate you making the sacrifice and so generously giving to help us continue reaching the lost and strengthen God’s people in remote places like Kohima. We are praying for you.

With loads of love and gratitude,

Charley & Julie

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