Freedom & Healing



Dear Friends & Family,

Julie and I hope your summer has been a fun one? I want to thank you for praying for us and our team in Colombia. God has answered and things have improved on all fronts in less than a month’s time.

Psalm 105:4 is a simple solution to many problems. “Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually”! This has always been a secret for me. His strength and grace are my life source. His presence and anointing are true life and power. I have a strong desire for others to intimately know the Lord and His very tangible presence. We are finding out that so many people we are ministering to do not know how to make a connection with Him. Or that their connection is blocked. God is helping us to help them.

First of all, I have been sharing that God has wired us all differently. Some people receive God’s communication audibly in their heart. They are hearers. Others are quite visual so it’s easy to receive from God in pictures, images, and even videos. Many are intuitive so God lets them know. They know things from God. They don’t know how they know. They just know that they know. Many are feelers and they sense God in emotion and feeling. The word says that Jesus Himself was “touched with the feeling of their infirmity”. Many have been gifted with a brilliant mind and so God inspires their thoughts. They get revelations. They are not just thinking it. Then yet again some are so creative and God is forever communicating through their imagination. It seems that most have one or two of these channels that are really strong. I am encouraging our people to experiment and develop their God given abilities.

Over 90% of the people we work with have been abandoned by their father and a few by their mom too. Orphan heartedness is a huge problem. Many have suffered physical and sexual abuse as well. We are finding that until we can help them to receive healing of their abandonment, rejection, and trauma, that their connection with all or different parts of the God head (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is blocked. We tried to only disciple and edify with the word but people’s lives just kept falling apart. It was like trying to build the new life on top of the wreckage of the old one. It made for a very unstable foundation. We needed to help them with more than just our church services.

Now we are facilitating them in a healing prayer process that we have learned. In doing so, God heals these wounds.  Then they begin to receive His truth in a very personal way that destroys the enemy’s lies. Many of which they have believed all their lives. This freedom is incredible and the positive difference is immediate. So we are taking people into a lot of freedom and healing of their broken heartedness these days.This time consuming and intense work pays huge dividends.

My job is to help another believer accept Jesus as their best friend and brother and to receive God as their true and forever Father. Then to embrace Holy Spirit as their teacher, comforter, guide, helper, counselor, strengthener, advocate, and encourager. When I do then I am out of a job and really a happy man.

In further update, the healing room in Medellin is developing nicely. We have been praying for an average of thirty sick people each Saturday. We usually have 12 to 18 volunteer workers that we form into 3 member teams. We are getting ready to recruit more volunteers and then increase our publicity to reach more people. Soon I will write and share some of the really awesome testimonies.

Thanks again for your prayers.Our finances are picking up and we are having that summer bump instead of a summer slump!

With loads of love and gratitude,

Charley & Julie

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