Mission Field Updates For April


Dear Friends & Family,

Julie and I send you our love from Colombia. I hope your Easter weekend was awesome. We are super busy and excited with what the Lord is doing at this moment. Here is a quick rundown on what’s popping.

Three weeks ago we held an evangelistic crusade in El Porvenir. It was not as successful as others but souls were saved and bodies were healed. Jesus is happy if only one lost person comes home to Him. Referring to what He showed me concerning, “What about a soul?”. Now, I am in the middle of an extended revival that has broken out in the town of La Ceja. A beautiful outpouring of the Holy Spirit is occurring! Tomorrow night, we will meet with approximately 800 leaders in Medellin. We are working with Pastor Andrew McMillan and Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana de Fe. I will be sharing with them about starting a healing room that we plan to operate every Saturday morning in Medellin. We hope to recruit a team to begin training them. So we will travel to Medellin Saturday morning for this training and then back to La Ceja that night. The revival services that are being held there will be going Wednesday-Saturday nights.

We started the renovation project on our new building and though it is not finished we have already held two services there. In regard to this renovation, with the help and generosity of one couple in the church, Cesar and Martha, we have made tremendous progress. As you may see, from the before and after photos, it is coming together. Our greatest need is to buy the chairs, sound system, and a projector.We are using what few plastic chairs we have and some were borrowed from a friend. We would like to buy very nice quality church chairs. Similar to the ones found in churches in the US. It is cost prohibitive for us to import them from the US or even China because the import duty and sales tax increases the cost to over $72.00 each.

There is a man in Bogota’ who is a member of my friend Camilo’s church. He reproduced an exact model and has fabricated 800 chairs for his church. He can make these chairs for us at $37.25 each. We are looking to buy 100. These will cost us a total of $3,725.00 and about $150 to ship them over. Currently, we are using some of our crusade equipment for sound but need a separate and different type system for the church. A cost of approximately $5,400.00. The only other immediate need is a projector and screen. Here, this will cost about $1,100.00. Sound equipment and certain technology is more expensive here not only because the markup is higher but due to the import duties of 14-30%. We are in need of help to obtain these chairs and equipment. This totals $10,375.00. We have been using our savings and the special offerings for all the other renovations mentioned in our last letter. Also, the amazing couple mentioned above have helped tremendously.


We’re at a place right now where a miracle is needed to finish up. Please pray and agree with us for the $10,375.00. It is 2/3rds of the way home on this project. Being a little tired and currently out of resources, I know the Lord is helping us to “Get er done!” as Larry the cable guy would say.


Thanks for your prayers and all your generosity that has helped and is helping us to make these good things happen for the Kingdom of God here in Colombia.

Your Friends,

Charley & Julie

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