God Has Opened An Amazing Door

We are off to a great start down here in Colombia. New people are coming every week to the church and we are having revival meetings this week. We have been believing God and standing in faith for a particular building for three months and just can’t let it go. I believe we will soon have some good news that it is in fact ours to rent for the church and offices etc.

This month I have something very exciting to share with you. This new opportunity reminds me of what Paul said in Colossians 4:3,“Meanwhile praying also for us, that God would open to us a door for the word, to speak the mystery of Christ, for which I am also in chains”. God has opened an amazing door for me to travel to and minister in Northern India this month. I have enclosed a copy of the publicity. There are many awesome things about this door of ministry. The most special is that I will travel and minister alongside my son Charley Jr. Moreover he is taking our grandson Samuel along. Sam is turning ten on February sixth. What a birthday present from his mom and dad! I believe this trip will mark the rest of his life. Please pray for all three of us.

The other exciting thing is the very special person we will be ministering within this conference. She is someone I respect highly as a missionary and a revivalist. We will be ministering to hundreds of Pastors from India, Burma (Myanmar), Bhutan, and Nepal. This will be my first time to minister in India. They invited me to come and bring the fire. They said, “Just be yourself and follow the Holy Ghost”. So I am super excited. This is a huge responsibility. Please pray that God will put His hand upon us in the special way that is needed. That He will give Charley, Heidi, and I, a great utterance for these many hungry Pastors. I am really just kind of undone by this opportunity God has given. My visa was obtained yesterday and I am now working on flights. This nation has become much more closed to Christianity under its current administration. We will give more details after our return.

Eighteen years ago at a meeting in Tulsa, God showed me that He would send me to this land and to her people. It has been so long ago that I had forgotten. He just reminded me as I was writing this letter to you. Wow, this is a good testimony that God wants to perform in your life as well. His way and timing are perfect. Please let that encourage you. There is more to come for you! Everything He has shown you will come to pass. It may not be when you thought or the way you thought. But it will come to pass because He will bring it to pass.

We have been meeting and praying here in Colombia. Mauricio is busy contacting Pastors for crusades. God is giving us new strategies. Once we have the new building, it will be possible to have our ministry school again and make many positive changes. Agustin is doing a great job pastoring the new church. After years of plowing, sowing, and watering, good things are blooming and blossoming for Soul Harvest Missions. It is a new season.

Let me encourage you. Keep plowing. Keep planting. Don’t forget to water and don’t forget to wait for the harvest to come. Believe your harvest is coming. It’s a year of wonderful surprises and blessings. Don’t give up and never quit. Don’t let go of His promises!

Thank you so much for standing with us to reach the lost and equip leaders. Thank you for putting your hand on the plow with us. Thank you for praying. Your prayers have opened great doors. Thanks for being so generous and sharing your finances with the ministry. It is the seeds you have so faithfully sown which are blooming and blossoming now. Both Julie and I, and our team are praying for you.

With Much Love,

Charley & Julie

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