Psalms 27:13 Is A Promise For You This Year

Dear Friends & Family,

Wow! Here we are in another new year of life on planet Earth. I am excited and encouraged about it because Jesus Christ is my Savior! That is really a loaded statement is it not?

The truth is by faith in Jesus we are saved from all the negative junk in this world. Much of it now in this life but all of it because of our eternal destiny. It is so good for me to meditate on the scope and magnitude of our salvation. It’s a win win all the time for those who walk with Jesus.

It’s not just about what I am saved from but so much more about what I am saved unto. Now this is awesome. David said it this way in Psalms 27:13 “I would have lost heart unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living”.

As long as we are here and someone is alive, we can and will experience the goodness, love, and mercy of our awesome Father and Savior. This makes my hope big and my faith strong!

Every sick and injured person that the Lord healed last year in just our ministry is a testimony of God’s wonderful goodness. Each of the 4,100 plus individuals that we prayed with to receive salvation was His goodness in action. Moreover, every prayer you prayed for us and every act of generosity that you showed to our ministry was personally for Julie and I, the goodness of God “in the land of the living”.

In 2018, we will continue to lift up Jesus Christ in this world where we are all living. We will keep telling the good news of His great love. We will pray, hug, and encourage. We will give generously and endeavor to love people the way they need it. I believe if we do these simple but very powerful things that 2018 will be an amazing year.

Julie, I, and our team in Colombia will be praying for you. Please hook your heart up with us in this positive direction. I believe we will all see and experience even more of God’s amazing goodness in this new year. Above is a photo of us and our team here. When I use my imagination and photoshop you in then I have the true picture of what God is doing.

Thanks for all your prayers and all you have so generously given to help us. 

Much love and many thanks,

Charley & Julie

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