Loving A City For Jesus


Dear Friends and Family,

Hello from Concordia, Antioquia Colombia! Last night we finished our gospel crusade in this most classic of coffee towns. I believe Heaven is rejoicing today over the 1,425 that received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Hundreds were healed of every kind of disease and injury imaginable. One lady paralyzed for ten years was healed and began to walk. Another born blind began to see. A man who lost his hearing from a shell blast in the war with the FARC was healed. Others were stunned when Jesus caused their tumors, growths, and hernias to instantly disappear. Demons manifested and came out of several people each night. It would take a book to detail what Jesus did here.

Our team of students from Launch Pad knocked the ball out of the park. They were out praying for the sick, interviewing testimonies, releasing words of knowledge for healing, and sharing the gospel. What I appreciate the most is the way they transmitted the love of God to the broken and showed the compassion of Jesus to the lost and sick people of Concordia. Less than two years ago, some of our own team members were lost, sick, and broken. They have freely received the love of Jesus and now they are freely giving it away. Hallelujah! That is the full cycle of the power of the gospel. This tells me we are on the right track. All the praise and honor to Jesus.

As part of the event, we activated a large team from the local church to minister to the sick. This was a totally new and exciting experience for them. We left Pastors Hander, Adrianna, and the congregation a lot of work to do following up on so many newly saved souls. Your prayers and support have been our right hand in making this crusade a great success.  Thank you! Muchas gracias!

Charley & Julie

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