Advancing The Kingdom in El Retiro

Dear Friends & Family,

Julie and I are happy to write you with a great report this month. The El Retiro crusade on August 10, 11, and 12 was an amazing success. In a city of about six thousand, with a surrounding area of another nine thousand, over eight hundred people responded to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. These are awesome percentages for response. I love what Jesus did in El Retiro and give Him the glory for it. Here is a great two-minute video of highlights

This crusade was smooth as butter. I was so proud of our students from Launch Pad School of Ministry. They have gotten a hold of their identity in Christ and have really come to a new level. They did an amazing job ministering throughout this crusade. They prayed with power and authority for the sick and demonically oppressed. A man came with terrible bleeding in his nose and pain in the head. An MRI and test preformed, the week prior, resulted in diagnosis of a malignant cancerous brain tumor. He testified on the third night that after receiving prayer the first night, the bleeding stopped. By the end of the crusade all his pain was gone. He felt totally well and completely changed. He was hoping to get an appointment the following week for another test to confirm the healing. I have now received the report that he did so and the tumor in fact no longer exists. All glory to Jesus.

Another lady testified of a large growth which disappeared from the back of her neck during the preaching. Another of a mass that also disappeared from the mid lower back during the meeting. Several had their vision restored and others were healed of deafness and various problems with their hearing. My personal favorite happened after we had wrapped up the second night. As I was trying to leave the building, a mom brought her 18 year old daughter who had been suffering severe paranoid schizophrenia since age 13. The girl looked scared. Her pupils were so dilated that I could not see her corneas. I explained to her mom that I could only help on a spiritual level. So I spoke to this thing to leave her in the name of Jesus and dealt with it in that way. The end of the next night I was met again by the mom who was smiling ear to ear. She told me that her daughter had slept soundly the night before and heard no voices all day and was free from all paranoia and was her normal self. Mom said, “I am actually able to connect with Annie again for the first time in five years”. Annie, who was in her right mind and smiling big, reached out and gave me a hug. My heart was doing cartwheels inside when I looked into Annie’s eyes and face. The tormenting spirit was gone. Jesus set her free!

 Yet another door has opened for us to hold a crusade in Concordia. It is located about three and half hours away, up in the coffee country. I went over there last Tuesday and met with Pastor Hander. We will have a crusade the last weekend of October. We launched Iglesia Puerto De Cielo on the 20th with 31 attending the first service. This past Sunday, the second service had an attendance of 35. Agustin is off to a great start as Pastor. Launch Pad ministry school is currently on break and we will soon be in our new location.

I remember writing about our goals and my heart’s vision for Colombia in 2015. We are seeing it come to pass. God has given us the ministry school. By His grace and with your help we are reaching the goal of four citywide gospel crusades this year. The first new church plant with Agustin is off to an excellent start. Thank you for your support in prayer and being so generous to partner with us. It’s very encouraging to see what God is doing and how things have begun to bloom. I am humbled and feel so very happy.

With Much Love,

Charley & Julie

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