A Season of Harvest

Dear Friends & Family,

The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever. This truth echoes through time and is resounding in our lives today.  Like the song says, He is a “good good father” that’s who He is and we are loved by Him and that’s who we are. Wow! I am excited to write you this letter.

Since our last letter we have conducted the La Ceja crusade, traveled to Mexico and taught in the Palabra de Vida bible institute, and conducted another 3 night gospel crusade with the students in Barrio Moderna. Which is in Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico, and is at this time the 5th most dangerous city in the world. We are rapidly preparing for the El Retiro crusade here in Colombia to begin August 10th. Let me share just a little of God’s goodness and mercy that we have seen this past month.

Though we faced substantial resistance in La Ceja, we saw amazing results. First of all we received information cards on 850 souls who attended and more than 625 responded for salvation during the three nights. Jesus healed a little girl who is four. Daddy brought her forward with twisted and deformed legs to Jesus and He healed her. She also had a lazy right eye that would not track with the left and Jesus healed it as well. Though hundreds were healed, this crusade was unique in that lots of young men were set free from drug (heroin and crack cocaine) addiction. Many are now attending church for the first time. A substantial number of men and women responded to a word of knowledge for and were healed of sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS. Some have shared with Pastors Freddy and Erica their new and now negative test results. They have started attending the church.

Further displays of His goodness included a tumor that disappeared in a little boy. A man was totally healed in a blind right eye. A lady was completely healed in her anklebone that was fractured two days before the meeting. Lois and his father, Nicolas, came and testified of the miracle he received in the La Union crusade. Jesus healed him of the paralysis that he had suffered as a result of contracting Polio at 6 months of age. He was completely paralyzed and immobilized to a wheelchair. At 18 years of age Jesus healed him and relieved his father of the heavy burden of taking care of him.  Their testimony was extremely moving and the power of God fell on the audience as they shared. It was also amazing in La Ceja that many demons manifested and our teams used their authority in Christ to drive them out. These deliverances were beautiful. Some who were heavily involved in witchcraft and the occult came to disrupt our efforts and ended up meeting Jesus as their Savior and Deliverer. His mercy endures forever. Centro de Fe y Esperanza in La Ceja is now experiencing a revival.

We had a move of God in the PDV bible school in Mexico, the likes of which I have not seen in eighteen years. In the middle of class on Wednesday morning, the glory of God rolled in like a cloud and students began falling out of their chairs onto the floor. Some were laughing, crying, interceding, and speaking in tongues. Others were dancing and shouting while running around the auditorium. I too ended up on the floor as Holy Spirit took over. The result was a-

 – baptism of Holy Ghost fire. We saw 246 people come to Jesus at the end of the week during our crusade and outreach in Barrio Moderna. All the glory to Jesus!

Launch Pad School of Ministry is growing and we will soon move locations. Moreover, we are planting a new church next month on August 20 called, “Puerto De Cielo” which translates “ Heaven’s Gate”. We will be installing Agustin Banuet as pastor. More updates will come soon about both the school and church.

We are and will be catching up financially. Harvest time is expensive in every way but so worth it. This is what we work and train for all year long. I just have to say a heartfelt thank you for riding out this wave of harvest and success with us. We are believing for the financial resources to pay off crusade expenses, pay normal monthly costs, fund for the new church plant, and to move the school. God has put His Spirit of faith on me and I can feel it in my bones. 

With Much Love and Total Gratitude,

Charley & Julie


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