Preparing For La Ceja

Dear Friends & Family,

Julie and I send you our love and smiles from Colombia. We hope you will have an amazing summer. It’s going to be a busy one for us. The apostle Paul said, in 1 Corinthians 16:9, that he had to stay on in Ephesus because a great and effective door had opened to him and there were many adversaries. I like that. Just stay until you beat all the demonic adversaries. Because of the connections and results in the La Union campaign, two great doors have been opened to us here in the valley of San Nicolas. One in the city of La Ceja and the other in the town of El Retiro. Let me quickly share with you the divine opportunity God has given us.

We are rapidly preparing for a citywide gospel and healing crusade to begin June 30th in the city of La Ceja del Tambo. This city of 48,000 souls desperately needs the saving gospel message of Jesus Christ. There are only about 400 people attending the 3 small evangelical churches in the city. We have made a great connection with Pastor Freddy and are working with his church for this crusade. La Ceja needs to see the power of the living God. For example the church we are working with is 18 years old but with only 120 members. The largest church in the city is only 200 members. This campaign can break open the spiritual resistance and push back the darkness. Hundreds or even more than a thousand can be swept into the kingdom of God. God is already moving!

I believe heavenly Father is sending us to La Ceja in answer to the prayers of His people for their city. The local government has given us use of a 1,800 seat coliseum for 3 nights. We only have to pay a token amount of $280.00 that covers some fees and insurance. We only need to rent 600 chairs. These are to put on the stage level floor for the elderly, disabled, and others who can’t make it up to the second floor where bleacher seating is available. We have been given the opportunity of a lifetime to lift up Jesus Christ in La Ceja del Tambo. The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity. 

Please, Julie and I need your help. We need prayer for: spiritual opposition to be pushed back, the continual favor of God to be upon us, souls to come unhindered, and for the gospel to flow freely with power. We need prayer for many things. There is much occult, witchcraft, demonic influence, and dark oppressive religion in La Ceja.  All of which are no match for our Lord Jesus and His armies of heaven. However, we know it takes prayer. Secondly, we need the finances to fund this crusade. I had another meeting with Pastor Freddy yesterday and finalized our budget. The total needed, which is itemized on our La Ceja crusade budget, is $8,961.00. Please agree with us in faith for these extra funds to come into the ministry this month.  If God lays it upon your heart to help us reach La Ceja, please know we will be truly grateful to God and to you for helping us. This is a great and effective door and together we can go through it and bring in a substantial harvest of souls. My heart’s cry is that this crusade will bring one more degree of reward to our loving Lord and master Jesus! Julie and I are praying for you.

With much love and gratitude,

Charley & Julie


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