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Dear Friends and Family,

Our kingdom partnership together is working well. The La Union Gospel Campaign was highly successful! Each of the three nights more than 90% of the crowd responded for salvation. The altars were jam packed by those receiving Christ as savior. Close to 1,500 came forward for salvation over the course of the three nights.

Each night teams prayed for the sick and injured. Jesus healed hundreds. Cataracts were completely healed and vision restored in a number of cases. More than twenty-eight were healed of complete or partial deafness.  On the front page is a picture of a crippled man that Jesus touched and healed. There were numerous cases of demon possessed individuals set free.  A tremendous miracle occurred on the last night when Fernando, twenty-one years old, walked. He suffered paralysis from polio at six months of age and had never been able to walk. His father gave a very emotional testimony. The footage is available to view here on our website.

Julie and I thank you so much for the kindness and love that you show by helping us to reach the lost here in Colombia. We are praying for you and believing for God’s blessings to be poured out in your life this month.

Charley & Julie

La Union

The La Union Event was a huge success! Every night God showed up. Hundreds were saved, amazing miracles took place, and the broken hearted were reached. Thank you so much for your love and support and making this possible.

Soul Harvest Missions 发布于 2017年4月25日

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