A Fresh Start

“Fresh start” is the phrase that resonated on the inside of me a couple of weeks ago.


Have you ever just wanted or maybe even desperately needed a fresh start?  What would a fresh start look like to you?  This is the question that has been rolling around inside of me for the last couple of weeks.  Interestingly enough I keep running into this phrase, from well-known ministers and speakers, blogs I follow, and most importantly the word of God.  The Message translation articulates 2 Cor 5:17 using the phrase, “fresh start” twice in the same verse. God is into fresh starts.

Probably everyone has heard of a “false start”. In the Olympics a false start dictates disqualification.  The NFL penalizes for a false start.  On the contrary, God doesn’t penalize, but pardons and then offers a fresh start. As 2017 brings the hopes of something new for many, on the Lord’s table a giant platter filled with fresh starts is constantly offered to all and never runs out.  Maybe you need a fresh start in a relationship, or maybe it’s time to give that business idea a go, or what about that ministry opportunity?  Some just need a complete fresh start in life.  Whatever it is that you need or just want a fresh start for, let Holy Spirit breathe fresh on that today. 

2016 was good, but is now history.  Charley and I are excited about the newness that lies ahead.   With plans of starting up the Bible School, more revival meetings, evangelistic crusades, continuing on with our community of believers, and more.  All of these things that God is speaking to our hearts about are possible because of YOU.  Only together as a team can we do anything.  Your love, your friendship, your prayers, and your support are not just appreciated but vital.  THANK YOU for journeying with us in Colombia to make God’s love known there.  We need you.  Together we make room for God to get to do what He loves to do. 

Charley and I and the SHM ministry team love and appreciate YOU.  We are praying for YOU.   God so cares about you that He constantly offers you a fresh start.  You can have a fresh start right now for this new year.  You can have a fresh start tomorrow. You can have a fresh start in this hour or even in this next minute.  Isaiah 43:19 MSG says, “Forget about what happened; don’t keep going over old history.  Be alert. Be present. I’m about to do something brand-new.”  God is the I AM.  He is your and my fresh start.  Don’t let anything or anyone keep you from your fresh start.

With much love,

Charley & Julie


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