Autumn in Colombia

Julie and I send you our love from Colombia.  We appreciate you so much.  We are extremely grateful to God for the big and generously kind heart He has given you.  Your seeds of prayer and giving are bearing fruit down here in Colombia.  I want to give a quick panorama of the ongoing harvest. It’s been an adventure and rough ride at times this year but looking back our faithful Father has blessed at every turn.

Julie is leading our weekend community.  It has been amazing.  Sometimes we meet on Saturday afternoon and other times we meet on Sunday.  Because of work schedules, this allows more people the opportunity to come.  New people come each week. We always begin by eating together and then gathering around in a circle. Our newest missionaries, Beau and Andrea Cox, did the cooking last week.  Andrea is a great cook.  Everyone loved it. It has been cold and rainy the last two months so we have gathered around a fire pit or indoors. As we worship God, Holy Spirit moves among us through new songs, prophecy, words of knowledge, and healing.  This encounter with the presence of God breaks down walls and people inevitably open their hearts to Jesus.  Some do so the first time they come, but for others it’s more of a process. It is a beautiful thing to watch God as He works with and in one’s heart.  I would love to be able to share the personal stories of each one with you.  Equally beautiful to behold are these young believers as they step out for the first time in the gifts of the Spirit. It is a super special and dynamic time with God.

Our Tuesday night bible school has just been over the top. All of our young missionaries take turns teaching, as well as Julie and I. It’s crazy! I don’t know how it happened so quickly but we have seven young and first time missionaries here with us (Seth, Michelle, Agustin, Beau, Andrea, Gracia, and Krizia. As well as three missionary kids: Gabe, Isaac, and Harper). Please keep them in your prayers.  I love that we are equipping and activating these guys into their callings and at the same time helping many people here in Rionegro. We have spent the last three months teaching basic principals of faith and on the blessings of the Lord. 

Here is some of the fruit. Three people have gotten new Jobs.  Erica had been without work for ten months.  Esmeralda, a psychologist, had been six months without a job. Isabella lost her scholarship and had been looking for employment for nine months. All have had a breakthrough. Carolina shared her testimony in class a few weeks ago. When she first came to know us, her situation as a single mom was dire.  Tears flowed as she told us the many times she was faced with such hard decisions as, “Do I purchase a bus ticket to look for work or buy eggs for my two sons to eat today”.   The Lord has blessed her so much this year, selling insurance, that in September she was able to buy her first car.  She thought the best she could do would be to buy an old and used one and pay it out. She obtained such favor that she is now driving a new 2017 Renault Clio.

Albiero was battling an addiction and was homeless. Now he is sober, has consistent work, and God has restored his relationship with his adult son. They are now sharing an apartment together.  Jairo and Noellia, a poor elderly couple, were burdened with their son and his family. He moved in with them because of drinking and unwillingness to work. This son has been coming to the community, revival meetings, and sometimes to the Tuesday bible school. He has quit drinking, found a good job, and recently rented an apartment for he and his family. It is so amazing when people hear truth, believe it, and take steps of faith.  The positive transformation in their lives is incredible. Thank you for sending us here to help them.


Our monthly revival weekends are beginning to rock. Two weeks ago, kids from the new Soy de Aqui foundation opened the meeting with some really sweet break dancing.  Time and space won’t permit it today, but we are excited for you to know more about this amazing new ministry that we are helping to establish.  I don’t know how all this is happening but it’s amazing. Our revival worship band has grown to seven members: Mauricio with lead guitar and lead vocals, Juan for rhythm guitar and vocals, Daiana for keyboard and vocals, Jonathan on bass, Anna on saxophone, Eliana for trombone and vocals, and the amazing Esnaider on drums. Saturday, Agustin preached his first revival meeting and stirred great spiritual hunger in us all.  Holy Spirit came so strong the next night that I could not preach my message. Worship lasted for an hour and a half, with at least an hour being a spontaneous flow of new songs.  Four people were instantly healed.  Andrea had a powerful prophetic word. Six people were born again.  It was three and a half hours of heaven on earth.  I don’t think anyone left the place the same. Absolutely glorious.  I love it. 

In April of 1998 when God began calling me into missions, He spoke to my heart. He said, “Charley, I want you to do three things for me: 1. Call men and women into relationship with Jesus Christ.  2. Ignite revival in my people. & 3. Help others get started in their ministries. This year at Thanksgiving time, I am extremely grateful that purely by His grace and through your generous support and loving help, we have been able to do it. Throughout this year when feeling discouraged, Holy Spirit has led me to the parable of the sower in Luke 8:4-15.  Each time I would read the explanation starting in verse eleven, I would become more discouraged. This was because in my mind I thought my heart was like the rocky soil. I didn’t believe it had the root. For sure my life seemed so much like the thorns, especially these past 2 years.  Just this morning I read it again, prayed, and listened, but today my Father lovingly told me, “No Charley you are the good soil. Son you have heard, received, and held onto my word. You are bearing fruit with patience.” He is such a good Father.

Julie and I are so happy. We love Colombia and these young missionaries. We love all these people God is drawing to the Tuesday school, community, special events, and monthly revival meetings.  You have empowered us to live our dream and it is getting bigger each month. Thank you! As we enter these final two months of 2016, though we have been really busy, we feel the freshness and newness of God in our hearts and His hand strong upon our life and work here. We will mention that we need to catch up financially. Will you pray and agree with us that the ministry’s finances be abundant in November and December. Thanks again for all you have done for us and for your prayers that prevail so powerfully.

Happy Thanksgiving & with much love,

Charley & Julie


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