Would Jesus Ride a Skateboard?

Hey My Friends,

Julie and I hope your summer was a blast and that you got some R & R.  Do you remember the old WWJD?  My question is would Jesus ride a skateboard?  Well certainly He can.  I mean if you can walk on water then I figure a skateboard is a piece of cake.  But would He?  I don’t know.  Did He only turn the water into wine at the wedding or dance also?   Who knows? 

Would Jesus Christ go to a skate park and love on a bunch of brokenhearted, confused, lost, and hurting teenagers or young adults?  My answer is: definitely yes and I am betting our bottom dollar that He will.  In fact, that is exactly what we and He are going to do on September 11th.  We are His body and when we go He goes.  Not only that, Jesus is going to throw them a party.

Here is what it looks like.  At 11 am everybody gets a chance to sign up and compete in 3 categories. Beginners will start at 1pm, Girls at 3 pm, and Advanced Guys at 5 pm. In between each session we will have 1 hour of live music, give away door prizes to spectators, and have lots of fun.  At 4 pm we will feed everybody (about 500-600 spectators and participants) hot dogs and sodas. At 6 pm our band will play and little kids, from the foundation that one of our community members just started, will break dance.  We will share more about the street kids we are now helping later. Esnaider will give his testimony and Agustin will preach the gospel.

Let me tell you about Esnaider. Esnaider is a skateboarder and plays the drums in our band.  The first time I met him 11 months ago, he had lost the use of his left arm and hand in a skateboarding accident.  After three surgeries, his doctor told him the nerve damage was so bad that he would never regain use of this arm and hand.  He was invited to my house for a worship meeting.  Jesus healed him and within a month he began working in construction. Last December he played the drums for us at a revival meeting we held in Carmen.  Yay God.   

After the invitation for salvation and prayer, the winners will be given new skateboards, wheels, gift certificates, and t-shirts.  Gifts will be given to everybody that participated, but best of all, Jesus is going to give us His heart and a new life to everybody who will take it.  It’s going be fun!  Jesus is happy.  Please pray for us that He gets His full reward.

Thanks for standing with us in prayer for a great harvest of souls.  Your prayers and financial support are the skateboard we ride on every month.  Thanks for sending us to Colombia and to the Rionegro skate park for Jesus.

With much love, 

Charley & Julie


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