Summer Update

Dear Friends & Family,

Julie and I hope you are having a great summer.  Remember to have some fun and get some rest.  Things are going really well here in Colombia.  I want to quickly share an update with you.

Michelle, Seth, Harper, as well as Agustin, Krizia, and Gracia all obtained their two year missionary visas.  This was a big victory for our team!  There was the normal rigmarole and a little confusion but all in all it was the smoothest visa process ever.  I know this is a result of your prayers. Thank you so much.  Next month Julie and I must renew our visas for another two years.  I cant believe that much time has already passed.  We really appreciate your prayers for us to also have favor with Colombian Immigration.

All of our family is really doing well. Charley Jr. is in Peru this week with his new job as a pastor in Gateway Global, which is the mission department of Gateway Church.  He has already been in Cuba and Brazil within the last two months.  It seems he and Kelly are having a great time with the four boys this summer. Will has been blessed to have plenty of work as a petroleum land man out in New Mexico.  He enjoys fly-fishing there and in southern Colorado during the summer.  Hannah came down to see us for a two-week visit and taught on prayer during our midweek Bible classes.  She also sang some amazing spiritual songs during the worship and prayer times. Michelle and baby Harper are visiting Michelles family in Porterville, California.   Michelles mom is actually Willie Nelson’s first cousin. I think I see the similarity of Willie in Michelle, but it may be the overactive and proud imagination of a life long fan.  Seth and I made it to the golf course this week and had a blast.  Our niece Julia has finished two years of ministry school at Bethel and just returned from a month in northern Thailand.  She will visit us here in Colombia next week.  Julie is doing great.  She and I are enjoying this season of life and ministry so much.

In regard to ministry, we have rented a medium size auditorium in Rio Negro for a series of three day revival meetings to be held July 29, 30, & 31.  God has put in my heart to start holding these type of meetings once a month in different towns around the area.  These will be a team effort and also a ministry outlet for those we are training.  I believe these meetings will be a great blessing to the body of Christ in these towns.  Please pray with us for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit this month.

We having been praying and making some tweaks as God leads.  Julie is taking on the major role of leading our community of young people as I begin to focus more on revival and evangelism.  Please pray for her.  The spiritual and emotional needs of the young adults are diverse and challenging. Furthermore God is really breathing on our midweek Bible classes.  There is tremendous hunger for the word of God and new people come each week.  From July 8-18, I will be in Mexico teaching at the Palabra de Vida Bible Institute and holding a 3 day Evangelistic Crusade with the students.  It will be fun to see Bobby and Lynn Crow and all our old friends and family in Cd. Victoria.  The state of Tamaulipas is still an extremely dangerous area so we really appreciate your prayers for safety and an amazing crusade.

Please allow us to thank you for your generous and very faithful financial support and prayers.   With your help we are seeing positive growth in numbers and spiritual growth in those we are reaching and training.  Thank you for working hand in hand with us.  I know that God is honoring and blessing you as only He can do! 

With much love and great appreciation,

Charley & Julie

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