Carmen A City Loved by Jesus!

 Love, Opposition, Miracles, and Salvation

Dear Friends and Family,

“How they loved us”, is the common report we are hearing back about our teams that were on the streets each day and at the altars each night praying for the sick and sharing salvation. This is very positive and encouraging feedback.  Jesus moving through His people put a big hug on Carmen de Viboral.  Thank you team Kairos and team Mexico.  You rocked it.

The Catholic bishop stirred up considerable opposition against us.   The police threatened to shut us down twice.  They forced us to take down 500 posters the day the event began.   The bishop ran counter advertisements against us and defaced our publicity by stamping in big red letters across our posters “Don’t Be Confused”.   In the midst of this, God’s love, His miracles in the streets, and Holy Spirit’s power drew people to the convention center.  Jesus was lifted up.  The Gospel was preached.  God confirmed His word with signs and wonders!

Here are a few highlights. Two girls, friends from the school for the deaf, who were both deaf and mute since birth were touched by Jesus. They both began to hear and one began to speak.  A boy blind in the left eye received his sight.  A man with only weeks to live walked out of his wheelchair, around the building, and out the door.  Another paralyzed by MS ran around the convention center.  A woman involved in prostitution who was under demonic possession was delivered and set free.  A boy with type I diabetes, whose mother took him off insulin the first the night, received prayer. Afterwards, his blood sugar levels were checked for 3 nights.  His blood sugar went from 380, to 220, to 168, and finally to 97 the last night.  Hundreds were healed of too many things to mention. 

Approximately 1,300 people responded for salvation over the course of the event.  Thank you. Your generosity made it possible.  We give all glory to Jesus Christ our great God Who loves Carmen.  Thanks to you, dear friends and supporters, all campaign expenses have been paid off. We can’t thank you enough for giving into this vision to see a city loved by Jesus.

Much love and many thanks,

Charley & Julie

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