Restoration & Revival

Wow. How kind and awesome is our Father God?  How blessed are we to have this great God Who loves so unconditionally.  Everyday I am blown away by His love for people.  Knowing how much He loves motivates me like nothing else to reach out and introduce others to Jesus.  Each Sunday now, five to six new people are coming to the new community of believers (church) we have started.  The brokenness in these young people’s lives would totally overwhelm us if we did not have a revelation of how much Jesus loves them and how powerful His love is to heal and make whole. This is our hope.

Other than one young man named Juan, and Gracia and Krizia, I don’t know of one person in our group that has a Dad in their life.  Some don’t even know who their Dad is.  That is rough but little by little they are getting to know God as their Father.  Each Saturday and Sunday Julie and I cook for them and love on them.  We give lots of hugs, we listen, we encourage, and we pray.  I think sometimes this kind of love means much more to these young men and women than the message we teach or even the times we worship.  It seems hard for many to access God’s presence even though it is so strong in the meetings.  Please pray for us that God will give us the keys for them. 

In other news, the owners of the farm that I wrote you about last month, backed out of the lease contract even though it was signed before a notary and I put up a deposit?  However we will not sue and know God has something even better.  We have gone to plan B and are currently renting a place called Villa Verena every Sunday.  It’s extra work transporting food and equipment back and forth but we are happy there and it is allowing more people to come.   

Also we rent a meeting room at a restaurant on the main square in downtown Rionegro called the Mannatial (the spring or fountain).  Each Tuesday night we meet there for Bible classes. Currently, Gracia is teaching on the Love of God and Efrain on Forgiveness.  That’s a good place to start don’t you think?  We wanted to prefer our young team members and let them teach first.  A big part of what God has us doing is activating and helping young ministers to grow.  They are doing an amazing job. 

We are now preparing for our big Easter season campaign.  Because so many people travel during Semana Santa (the week of Easter) and are involved in all kinds of religious activities, this year we will have it after Easter.  This time we are reaching out to the town of Carmen De Viboral which translates, “Carmen of the snake nest”.  I don’t even want to know the history on that one, haha. This is a town of about 50,000 inhabitants and it is a rough place in every sense of the word.  We have stepped out in faith and have made a deposit to rent the Central Convention Center (very nice) for four nights on April 7-10th. This will not only keep the crowd out of the rain, but it will give substantial notoriety to the meeting.  I am enclosing a picture of our team in front of the Convention Center.

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For the last eight months, we have been working with a young church in Carmen that is less than two years old.  We will connect all the new believers we can with this church.  Pastors Oscar and Janet have become good friends. We believe in them and want to help them.  More over the city of Carmen needs to see and know Jesus in His love and power.  We will preach the Gospel each night and it will be demonstrated through the miracles and healing that our phenomenal Lord and Savior will bestow on the sick and suffering there. We need your prayers for this one.

Because we’re reaching out to the entire city, renting the best facility in town, and doing things with excellence our cost for this campaign will be a little over $8,000.00. But on the other hand this is an extreme bargain to reach an entire city of 50,000 souls. Here is a breakdown of our cost estimate at this time.

Facility Rent  1,600.

Sound Rental                  800.

Sound Engineer                 300.

Street Banners                 400.

Posters                      1,060.

Handbills     550.

Salvation and Healing Tracts      350.

Sound Car     480.

Radio Commercials      450.

Newspaper Adds     300.

Security     400.

Equipment Purchase  (drumset and mics)                  980.

Workers & Misc. Supplies                    800.

Total estimated cost $8,470.00                        

As we lift up Jesus Christ in Carmen, please join your heart with us in prayer and faith for thousands to come and be born again. We are believing God that Carmen will be reached and the needed finances will arrive before April 1st.

If God touches your heart to help us with this special Easter Gospel Campaign we want to thank you in advance. I know of no greater thing to give to than a gospel campaign like this.  By doing so multitudes will hear God’s message of salvation and healing.  May they all come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

Julie and I thank you for not only being so generous to continually support our mission work but also for your help with special endeavors like this crusade. We are praying for you and are believing that God will continue to pour His blessing on your finances and His great love upon you.  He is such a great big beautiful God.

With lots of love and a whole bunch of gratitude,

Charley & Julie

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