Amazing Campaign Report

Jesus Christ is still the most influential person on the planet. His resurrection is still the most positive news impacting mankind today. He proved this once again in our first public event here in Rionegro,“Festival de Milagros y Sanidad”. For three nights we proclaimed the virgin birth, life, sacrificial death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In a word it was thrilling. God confirmed the Gospel with a number of outstanding miracles and healed many. Three hundred and twelve souls were born again! We used a publicity strategy of posters, street banners, and a sound car. Also, we printed and handed out invitations as well as salvation and healing tracts.

The weather turned cold and rainy and the crowd was really small the first night. However we rejoice for the thirty-three people who came forward to surrender their hearts and lives to Jesus. He gave sight to a woman blind in the right eye and healed many backs and knees and other conditions. He is alive. On the second night the crowd more than doubled in spite of more rain and colder temperatures. People here work a five and a half day week so they are off on Saturday afternoon. This allowed our team more time to deliver the hand invitations and Gospel tracts to homes, shops, and in the streets. That Saturday night sixty-eight precious souls came forward to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. All Glory to Him. He opened the ears of a deaf mute lady who was born deaf. She was so shocked and implied that the amplified music and voice was hurting hear ears. She was so overwhelmed by hearing for the first time in her life that she was scared of the speakers and would not come to the platform to testify. A youth seventeen years old received hearing in his left ear that was deformed with no opening or canal. I have included a picture of him. A crippled lady in need of a second knee replacement was healed and ran with me. Many were touched and healed in their legs, knees, shoulders, arms, and backs. One testified of a tumor disappearing.

On the third and final night, all of our rented chairs were full and we praise God that two hundred and eleven of all ages responded and received Jesus as Lord and Savior. The presence of the Holy Spirit was the strongest that I have ever felt in one of these public campaigns. Many fell under His power after coming forward for salvation. Healings began to occur before we could pray. He is an amazing God! Our permits only granted us three nights, but here we learned many things and will be better equipped for the next campaign. Julie and I are most proud of the team that we trained for 3 weeks before the meeting. They were excellent in intercession, helps, and ministering by delivering words of knowledge for healing and praying for the sick. We will have a banquet this coming Sunday to honor and thank them. Thank you for making this all possible.

In other news, we need to quickly purchase a truck for the ministry. We have $11,000 dollars saved up for this but we need to raise another $18,000. The import duties and taxes on vehicles in Colombia drive prices up to 30% to 40% percent higher than in the US. The good news is that the dollar is so strong right now that we can save 20% to 25% from what prices were in November (if we can move quickly before prices are adjusted for inflation). Please agree in faith with us for this need to be met. Thank you so much for joining- -forces with us to proclaim Jesus Christ here in Colombia. It is such a blessing and privilege to give the good news to people and be able to send this good report back to you in return.

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