The Miraculous In Mexico

Julie and I send greetings from Mexico. It is such a privilege and blessing to write this month and share the great things God is doing

When we were here in January, many doors opened and the Lord led us to come back. The spiritual hunger level is high in the congregations the Lord has sent us to. Last week, I preached under a large tent in Monterey. Jesus healed a man who had fallen down some stairs, four years earlier, damaging the disk in his neck. He could not move it but a few degrees without substantial pain. Now he can freely move with full range of motion and no pain. Praise the Lord. Twenty-two people were healed through words of knowledge. Eleven responded to the altar call.  

We are now in the third night of meetings in Salamanca, Guanajuato. Jesus has healed a lady who suffered pain daily, for 18 years, after injuries sustained in a car accident. He has healed six people of different kinds of hearing problems, including deafness. He healed a man whose right hand was paralyzed from a work injury. The man could not close or make a fist with the hand. Immediately, his hand’s movement became completely free and normalSo far, nine people have given their lives to Jesus. Yesterday, the glory of the Lord came so strong that I could not preach. Holy Spirit released a prophetic word and then fell on the congregation. Freedom came to many who were bound with heaviness and fear. Great joy manifested in the people rejoicing, dancing, and laughing. They were worshiping in new tongues as they were filled once again by the Lord. We laid hands on people for more than an hour. One lady was set free from demons. He is the great God!

I have been touched and so filled during these meetings. We are encouraged by what we’re seeing happen now. Also, in hearing about events from when we were here 24 years ago. I was told about a woman, who was twelve years old, when we prayed for her in 2000. She had an incapacitating mental disability with birth defects. Her tongue was deformed in length and hung out of the mouth. She could not talk. I remember seeing the miracle of her tongue shrinking and going into her mouth. Also, I did not know that she was unable to see clearly with vision that was completely blurred. After we left, she began to see clearly and then began to talk. She grew several inches. Her cognitive function improved so much that the parents took her out of special education. She then graduated regular high schoolHallelujah! The Doctors had told the family, because of her heart condition, she would not live more than eighteen years. However, praise God almighty, she is now 36 and living a normal and blessed life!Because of this testimony, many have and continue to believe in the Lord Jesus. What an awesome God.

After finishing here, we have meetings in another state. I will be preaching, and turning 60, on March 2nd. There’s no better way to celebrate than to come back and hear such amazing reports. To watch the Lord continue to save, heal, and work miracles.

Thank you for your support in prayer and financially. Thank you for continually sending us to the nations. We pray that God will bless and touch you with His glorious presence and multiply many times over the offerings that you give. We so appreciate you and all that you’ve done to help.

With great gratitude and love,

Charley & Julie

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