The Father’s Love Poured Out

Julie, Hannah, and I are full of joy and excited to write you with a good report from Mexico. We have been in Mexico for the last nine days and Jesus has done wonderful things.  

We were with Pastors Bobby and Lynn Crow, of Palabra De Vida Church in Cd Victoria, for a special revival meeting called “Revival Now”. The first night, more people were healed through the words of knowledge than I have seen in a meeting. Too many to count.  When I gave the altar call for salvation the response was very good. Again, I did not take time to count. Hundreds of believers, sixty-eight pastors and their wives, along with leaders from many states of Mexico were in attendance. Julie ministered to all the women in an afternoon service and I heard that it was great and Holy Spirit moved powerfully during the time of prayer. Hannah traveled with us and God used her in the ministry of the laying on of hands each service and she had a continual flow of prophetic words throughout the week. It was fun for she, Julie, and I working as a team.  

The second night, I preached on the love of God as a Father, and many were deeply touched. There were lots of tears and smiles. A pastor whose kidneys failed in 2021 came forward for healing. The next day he testified that he felt the power go through his body and could not sleep much that night but was overwhelmed by our Father’s loving presence. Though he had been on dialysis and not able to your urinate, he testified that his kidneys began to function and he went to the bathroom four times that night. He was very humble and transparent and shared about how he had suffered erectile dysfunction, that he also woke up like a “young man”. I praise Jesus for healing this brother!

The last night was an impartation service and we laid hands on everyone as they passed by for more than an hour. Our last service was Sunday morning and I taught on “The Fathers Love Sets You Free”. Before getting up to minister, Holy Spirit confirmed what He was doing with the following prophecy given by Paco, a church member:

“Days are coming in which I will make man have an unprecedented awareness of my love. A window of time in which man will be able to perceive from his core a love he never knew. Love that will bring freedom and healing, a wave of love that will give strength to revival on earth. There will be no man or woman who is not capable of experiencing it. It will be an expression and revelation of my love and an awareness of my love in the man who will prepare the way for Jesus. It will be like what was said by the prophet, like the hen that draws her chicks under her wings, to experience her warmth, and listen to her heart and receive the transfer of the feeling of the Father’s love. You and your house will be messengers of the Father’s love. Love that will cover a multitude of sins. Repentance and gratitude for His forgiveness will give strength to the revival that prepares the way for Jesus.” This is very similar to a word I got in prayer in November of 2017 about the future of our ministry and what God would be doing in the next revival and now we are seeing this begin to happen.  

After the preaching on Sunday, we must have prayed for more than 50 people with tumors, growths, cysts, or a mass in their bodies. One man had a mass on the back of his neck and it disappeared. I feel there will be many testimonies of all Jesus did on Sunday.

We also ministered the previous Sunday at Grace and Faith Church. The Lord moved so powerfully. It was an absolute fire of the Holy Spirit. The service lasted 4 1/2 hours during which we prayed and laid hands on hundreds, for more than 2 1/2 hours. One thing that really encouraged me was a young man in his mid to late thirties came up to me and said, “About 25 years ago when I was a boy you came to my neighborhood in Valles, San Luis Potosi and held a crusade at the soccer park. I received Jesus and was filled with Holy Spirit. As I heard you preach the gospel and saw Jesus healing the deaf, sick and crippled, I said inside myself that I wanted to do that. Now I am an evangelist, and I am doing it”. Wow, thank you Jesus!  

The end result of your prayers and financial support is souls saved and people healed and helped! You make a great difference in the lives of people the Lord is sending us to. And the truth is you always go together with us. Thank you for that.

We love and bless you with all our hearts,

Charley & Julie

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