Fall Missions In Europe

Happy Fall,

Julie and I thank God for you and your life. We so appreciate your help in the mission work that we are doing. Let me share with you what’s going on this month.

We recently attended the Gateway conference along with the Andrew Wommack minister’s conference during this first week of October. We are soon to be involved in the Regional RMAI meeting in Boise, ID. 

I think that I shared with you how God had spoke to me last December to go to Serbia. connection has been made and God has now opened the door. Mid October, my buddy Aaron Shinn and I will be traveling to Serbia for two weeks of Revival meetings. God has connected us with a network of 21 churches that have been praying and believing for Revival.  

After I finish there, Julie will join me for at least one week. This will be at the time of our 43rd wedding anniversary. I am still believing for the connection and door to open in Amsterdam, which is the other place in Europe he spoke for me to go to this year. 

When we finish in Europe, Julie will return to the U.S. and I will travel on to Asia. Pastor Shan and I will be conducting  a Pastor’s conference. Already, 186 pastors registered. Later I will write you with more detail about this and the other ministry coming up there in the month of November. 

I plan to finish up and be home by December for Julie’s 60th birthday. Three days ago, the Lord spoke to me and said He wanted provide us a home. We have a release in our spirit that the timing is now to believe and receive this blessing. So we believe the ministry will have a project to raise funds at the end of this year for a parsonage. Please put your faith together with us for this long expected blessing. 

This year has been an extremely fruitful year. By God’s grace, this last quarter is going to be abundant in more fruit of salvations and helping others with their calling and ministry.   

Please keep us in your prayers: for abundant health and strength, for the open door in the Netherlands, for wisdom as we minister to other cultures in Asia and Europe, and finally for the miracle of a future permanent home.

He is the God who does the impossible. It came to me the other day that if I am not believing Him to do things that are impossible for us to do, then I am not giving him anything to work with. So I have made the adjustment and we are stepping out in faith to see the more in the ministry and in our lives. I want to challenge you to the same.  

All the best blessings and with much love,

Charley & Julie

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