Summer GRSM

Greetings from Asia. Jesus is showing His great love and power here! Please let me share a few exciting examples with you. We started with the Go Revival School of Missions. On the second day, all thirty-three students received the baptism of Holy Spirit and thirty-one received their prayer language. Several students traveled three days by foot, car, and bus, from remote villages in the Himalayas to reach the school. They will be taking the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit back to their people and surrounding villages. Praise the Lord.

One morning, we took all the students to a leprosy hospital. We were allowed to share the Gospel, lay hands on the patients for healing, and share the tangible love of Jesus. Julie ministered to a thirteen- year-old girl who had been there all alone without a visit from her mother, father, or family for months. I ministered to a lady. Jesus touched her and all the pain left her body. She put her faith in Jesus and called upon Him as her Lord and savior. We gave the staff money to buy protein for the patients which is very important for recovery and treatment of leprosy. We prayed for and ministered to the head nurse and director of the hospital. They were so blessed by the Lord. It was truly an amazing time. As you can see, we took a group photo of our team at the hospital.

We rented a music hall and conducted a three-day revival. The place was jam packed. The first night, Ty and I flowed in His power and there were so many words of knowledge, prophetic words, and gifts of healing. We did not have time to preach. Several were set free from trauma and others were delivered from the demons that were tormenting them. A number of pastors and missionaries from the U.S., Taiwan, UK, New Zealand, Switzerland, India, Colombia, Singapore, and South Africa were touched and refreshed by the Lord in these meetings. It was truly a divine appointment. Thank you for helping in providing this meeting and opportunity to our hungry brothers and sisters.

We are now in another area teaching 59 Bible school students, preaching in youth services, and in churches. Ty has taught some powerful truths to the students. Julie has been pouring out her heart and the deep love of God to people. Jesus is radically healing and saving people. There have been waves and surges of God’s glory that have overwhelmed us all. Saturday night, God brought a revival breakthrough in a denominational church. They are asking us to come back for more meetings. We have more classes and meetings here this week and then will fly onward for 4 days of revival meetings.  

We have tangibly felt the strength and power of your prayers. We are safe, strong, and our health is good. Through your generosity, God has provided abundantly for all the needs of the schools and the outreaches. All of our travel has been so smooth. We have had good places to sleep and rest and good food the entire time. Thank you. 

Our partnership results in this, “That both he who sows and he who reaps may rejoice together”! -John 4:35. We can rejoice together with you that your sowing is producing tremendous harvest and fruit that remains. Thank you for locking arms together with us to reach these nations and peoples.

May God overtake you with blessings.

With Much Love,

Charley & Julie

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