A One Word Command

Julie and I pray you are doing well and experiencing the wonderful blessings of God in your life. We are soon to be leaving for Asia. We are super excited and happy to have our special friend, Pastor Ty, of the Remnant Church, traveling and ministering with us. 

This is the first Go Revival School of Missions (GRSM) in this region. Pastor W. and the team will arrive there 5 days before us. It’s going to be a powerful 40 day activation school. There will be special classes in the morning and evangelism most afternoons. Various times of prayer and worship will happen after breakfast and in the evenings. Special evangelistic events are to be held on weekends. First will be an evangelistic outreach focused toward youth. Then the next week, will be a revival meeting with several churches. The way we train for ministry is not only in the morning classes, but through the hands on ministry each afternoon and the special events.This is a great strategy because not only are we training ministers, but simultaneously reaching people who have never heard the Gospel and in many cases have never even heard the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. After finishing with GRSM, we will travel down to another city. There we will teach in Faith Harvest Bible School. When we are finished there, we go onward for revival and evangelistic meetings. I sense that this is a very important trip and that the Lord is going to do some awesome things in our midst. The fruit we are believing for is many souls saved, people healed, new evangelists, missionaries, teachers, and pastors to be trained and equipped. 

This morning, I am remembering Peter seeing Jesus walking on the sea. He said, “Lord if it is you, command me to come to you on the water”. Then Jesus spoke a one-word command, “Come”. Twenty-four years ago, in July of 1999, Julie and I heard the Lord speak a similar one-word command, “Go”. He is still speaking it. At times, like Peter, I have been  tempted to get my eyes on the adverse winds, become afraid, and to start sinking. Like Peter, I have cried out “Lord save us”. Jesus has done the same for Julie and I, as He did for Peter. He has stretched out His hand and caught us and we did not go under. Thank the Lord we have yet to drown in 24 years! 

Numerous times, God has spoken another one-word command to us, “Give”. Glory to God, a large portion or the entire need of another ministry or individual was met through obeying that word. We have never sunk in doing so, but rather ended up in greater blessing than we thought or imagined. Jesus has financial miracles for us all to walk in.  

In closing, we want to thank you for standing with us in prayer and in faith. We thank God for the beautiful gift of Jesus you are and have been to so many. Your prayers and giving have reached throughout the world.

With Much Love,

Charley & Julie

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