Easter Gospel Crusade

As Easter approaches, Julie and I are thinking of and praying for you. May this Easter be a time that you encounter God’s presence and love in a special tangible way.

Our time in Mexico was awesome. We greatly enjoyed seeing all the Crow family and so many old friends at Iglesia Palabra de Vida. God moved so powerfully in physical healings on Sunday. Monday night, Holy Spirit moved in freedom, joy, and healing of broken hearts. On Tuesday many were touched deeply and encountered the love of the Father through the preaching. Souls were saved every service, however I did not get a final count. We give Jesus all the glory!

Julie and I are in Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia conducting the ministry school with daily evangelism and a gospel crusade. We have 37 students from Colombia, Mexico, and the states. The school is 2 hours of class and prayer each morning. Then hands-on supernatural evangelism training every afternoon in the streets, schools, hospitals, bus stations, plazas, and homes. We have some special meetings in four churches at night. The school ends with a large three-night outdoor healing gospel crusade. The students will release words of knowledge with gifts of healing, share testimonies, miracle stories, preach the gospel, pray for the sick, and also minister deliverance.  

This will be our first intensive Evangelism Missions School in Colombia and will last 10 days. Our next will be 30 days and finally reach the point of 40 days. We have had tremendous success in Asia with the GoRevival School and are praying and believing to see the same in Colombia. I love to maximize results. With this endeavor, we will train and activate 37 young missionaries and evangelists, heal the sick, and win hundreds of souls to Jesus. We need your prayers and help. I know of no better way to honor Jesus during Easter than to take the gospel to the lost and to those who have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ. You go with us, with your prayers and finances. 

Your gifts send the gospelThis Easter, Jesus will get more of His reward. The cross is vacant and the tomb empty. Jesus is moving in to live in the hearts of those who will call upon the only name under heaven or on the earth by which man might be saved!

With all our love,

Charley & Julie

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