Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends & Family, 

Julie and I wish you Gods greatest blessings this Christmas season. My heart is so full and it is the busiest of seasons. Please allow me to give you a quick two minutes of it.

We are celebrating this year by providing Christmas gifts and a party for 200 impoverished children. Now this is fun. Thank you for helping us with this special project. Not only does it bless a lot of kids in need but it speaks a message of Gods love to their moms and dads. It helps the new Soy de Aqui foundation to gain respect and notoriety in the community. The greatest is that it provides us an opportunity to share the Gospel with entire families. Thanks.

In family news, Michelles father Dewayne went home to be with the Lord on November 26th. She, Seth, and Harper are in Santa Maria, California with her mom and sister. Please pray for Michelle. We all know losing a parent is rough and her returning to Colombia will be hard for she and her mom. In other family news our second son, Will, is to marry Victoria Ulibarri in Chama, New Mexico on December 21st. They met there on the river while fly-fishing last fall. I am honored to officiate their wedding on the riverbank. Its going to be cold, short, and sweet, haha. Julie, I, and all of Wills siblings will travel out to celebrate them tying the knot. We are super happy for Will and Victoria.

We finished some awesome revival meetings this past weekend. Gods presence was palpable. Lots of joy in His presence the first night and a strong spirit of faith the second.  I preached on the restoration of joy, from Psalms 51, the first night and on our triumph in Christ, from 2 Corinthians 2:14, the second.  We all needed a faith lift if you know what I mean.  Crowds were light due to heavy rains and very cold weather for here. However, people were healed by Jesus and encouraged as only Gods word and the Holy Spirit can do. I am excited about what God is doing here in Rionegro. Really I am just amazed.

We have been teaching on identity in Christ in our Tuesday night classes. People so need this truth in their hearts. I see them rising up and the chains falling off each time we teach.  Julie and I love the people here so much. Our team is doing an amazing job with the teaching. We finish our community meetings for the year on December 4th and our classes on December 6th.  Julie heads to Texas for the holidays on the 7th and I will finish up some loose ends and head in on the 14th. We are working and preparing in order to start a short term (3 month) school of ministry in mid January. I have found a place to rent for classes and we are working on the curriculum. Please keep this school in your prayers. Next month I will write more about it and our vision for the new year. 

Please agree with us in faith to catch up financially and finish the year strong. Thank you so much for your love, prayers, financial support, and encouragement. All of which has catapulted the mission and ministry here to a new level in 2016. You have a big harvest in Colombia!

Merry Merry Christmas,

Charley & Julie



Autumn in Colombia

Julie and I send you our love from Colombia.  We appreciate you so much.  We are extremely grateful to God for the big and generously kind heart He has given you.  Your seeds of prayer and giving are bearing fruit down here in Colombia.  I want to give a quick panorama of the ongoing harvest. […]

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Skateboarding Evangelism

Dear friends and family, Julie and I send you a big hug from Colombia. We hope you enjoy a beautiful fall this year. It’s our favorite season. While we don’t have it down here, we are experiencing a harvest time spiritually speaking. Let me give a good report. Paul said in l Corinthians 9:22 , […]

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Would Jesus Ride a Skateboard?

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Victory in Victoria

Light Eclipses Darkness Preaching Jesus and Empowering His People Perspective is everything.  After clearing customs in Mexico City and while making the connecting flight to Cd. Victoria Tamaulipas, a federal officer stopped me and asked me where I was traveling to?  “Cd. Victoria” I explained.  With a wrinkled brow and serious tone he responded,“Pero es […]

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Summer Update

Dear Friends & Family, Julie and I hope you are having a great summer.  Remember to have some fun and get some rest.  Things are going really well here in Colombia.  I want to quickly share an update with you. Michelle, Seth, Harper, as well as Agustin, Krizia, and Gracia all obtained their two year […]

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Supernatural Evangelism Equipping

  Dear Friends and Family, Wow! Summer is off to a great start. Here in Colombia we just finished our 3rd week of FIRESTARTERS.  This is a twelve-week supernatural evangelism training and activation program.  Everyone is so excited.  In John 14:12, Jesus says to you and I that the works He did, we will do, […]

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Carmen A City Loved by Jesus!

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Seeding a City with the Gospel

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Restoration & Revival

Wow. How kind and awesome is our Father God?  How blessed are we to have this great God Who loves so unconditionally.  Everyday I am blown away by His love for people.  Knowing how much He loves motivates me like nothing else to reach out and introduce others to Jesus.  Each Sunday now, five to […]

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