Supernatural Evangelism Equipping


Dear Friends and Family,

Wow! Summer is off to a great start. Here in Colombia we just finished our 3rd week of FIRESTARTERS.  This is a twelve-week supernatural evangelism training and activation program.  Everyone is so excited.  In John 14:12, Jesus says to you and I that the works He did, we will do, and even greater works.  FIRESTARTERS has been a tool to help our members step into this. We start with testimonies from members of our community.  Last week Agustin shared that he prayed for a person at a copy shop and Jesus healed their paralyzed hand.  Awesome! Then we have an activation session where participants get up from their table and give a word of knowledge or a prophecy etc.  Then one of our table leaders teaches the message.  Then we have activation exercises at the tables which are followed by table topic discussions.  Finally there is the ignition, which is an exhortation and time of impartation.  It is amazing. We are seeing people connecting with God like never before.  Others are overcoming their timidity and are gaining confidence to minister during the week.   It’s small steps that lead people to the place where they can “cross the chicken line”, take a risk to see Jesus heal someone, or bring somebody into an encounter with Him and share the Gospel.  We love this. I have always believed that my role is to train, equip, and activate the body to do the supernatural works of Jesus.  Ephesians 4 teaches us that the role of the five-fold ministry is to train and equip the believers for ministry.

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In other news, we met last week with the president of the skateboard club to begin working on a large evangelistic event at the skateboard park.  We are looking forward to reaching the skateboarders and BMX bikers for Jesus with this event.  Please pray for us to have favor for the permits etc.  Also Seth, Michelle, and Harper go to Bogota for their 2 year missionary visas next week. Please agree with us for favor with Immigration.  Thank you for being so generous to help us train up believers and reach the lost for JC.  Your prayers for us are prevailing and your seed is bearing fruit!

Charley & Julie


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Carmen A City Loved by Jesus!

 Love, Opposition, Miracles, and Salvation Dear Friends and Family, “How they loved us”, is the common report we are hearing back about our teams that were on the streets each day and at the altars each night praying for the sick and sharing salvation. This is very positive and encouraging feedback.  Jesus moving through His […]

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Seeding a City with the Gospel

              Dear Friends and Family, Hello from Carmen De Viboral in Antioquia, Colombia. We are working at a feverish pace preparing for the four night Gospel campaign in Carmen that begins April 7th.  This week we are placing 12 large street banners (see above) and 1,000 large posters in strategic […]

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Restoration & Revival

Wow. How kind and awesome is our Father God?  How blessed are we to have this great God Who loves so unconditionally.  Everyday I am blown away by His love for people.  Knowing how much He loves motivates me like nothing else to reach out and introduce others to Jesus.  Each Sunday now, five to […]

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A New Work In Colombia

Julie and Charley are once again living and working full time in Colombia.   In December of 2014 they started new work in Rionegro, Antioquia. This exciting video is a quick overview of their life and ministry and the new vision they have for Colombia!

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Amazing Campaign Report

Jesus Christ is still the most influential person on the planet. His resurrection is still the most positive news impacting mankind today. He proved this once again in our first public event here in Rionegro,“Festival de Milagros y Sanidad”. For three nights we proclaimed the virgin birth, life, sacrificial death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus […]

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Why Antioquia Colombia

Starting our new life and pioneering a new work here is off to a good start. After arriving here, the Lord spoke to my heart in an extremely sobering manner. He said, “I know you are busy getting started as you should be, but I want to tell you why you are here.” I responded “ok”. […]

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Souls & Connections

On three occasions I was blessed with the opportunity to briefly visit with this elderly couple.  They are both 95 and have been married 72 years. Our last conversation started concerning Christmas and the virgin birth. At the end, it was my great honor to pray with them to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and […]

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A New Frontier

As we prepare to leave September 9th to start a new life and ministry in Rionegro Colombia the words of Jesus in Luke 4:43 have a fresh and special meaning to our hearts. He said “ I must preach the kingdom of God to the other cities also, because for this purpose I have been […]

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Focus 2014 Soul Harvest Report

Dear Partners and Friends, 2014 is off to a great start! We are super excited to share some new direction we are receiving. The Lord has impressed our hearts to focus on three things this year, Colombia, Evangelism, and Finances. First of all Colombia It looks like by the end of this year each of […]

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