His Dynamic Energy

Dear Friends & Family,

Julie and I send you our love. She and Hannah started the year off in Colombia in a fight with killer bees. Yes, African killer bees in Colombia!

Upon arrival, they were swarmed by a colony that took up residence on the eves while the house was vacant in December. Every time a light, fan, or hair dryer was turned on bees swarmed into that area of the house. The house here is anything but airtight. Once Hannah was chased down the driveway. Thank God, Julie only suffered one sting and Hannah zero. An expert was called and the drama was long over by the time I arrived. Perhaps a man of faith can fight bees but those who are led by the Spirit in perfect timing don’t have to. Haha!  

Summer vacation season is starting to wrap up here in Colombia. The church service was well attended Sunday and the people were engaged in praise and worship. Holy Spirit’s presence was beautiful among us. Pastors Agustin and Cara will be married in three weeks. Julie and I are super happy for them. They have given me the honor to officiate their wedding. Julia and Anthony are expecting the arrival of their first baby by the end of the month. Julie will travel to Redding CA, to be with Julia during the birth. I will be ministering here in the church this month as well as at CFNI in Medellin.   

We are preparing for our second school of ministry with our Pastor friend in Asia. It will begin March 4th. In addition to the school, we are making plans to take the students for a 3 day salvation campaign in another town. This is the town where a new church is to be planted. Soul Harvest is partnering with Faith Harvest for this church plant. Our role is providing finances for the first year of the new church. This salvation event has tremendous potential to reach many souls for Jesus. The new believers will have a pastor to disciple them and a church family to call home. Also, I will travel on to another city to conduct a revival meeting.

Please keep us in your prayers for safety and health while here in Colombia and for Julie’s travels to California to help Julia and the new baby. Please agree with us in faith that the budget for Asia will be met. I will write again before leaving for Asia. 

I like the way the Johnson translation states Romans 1:16. It says, “I am confident that the good news will release God’s dynamic energy which makes all persons whole.” For me, to take the good news to Asia is a joy filled privilege. To preach it is of great honor. To witness God release His dynamic energy is indeed glorious. A great and elder evangelist told me the other day,“The Gospel is so glorious that if you attempt to preach it and completely fail even the attempt is glorious”. Whatever we have done to get the good news to one more soul is truly glorious.

Whether our part is praying, or supporting with finances, or going, or encouraging. Whatever we do so that a nation, a people group, a village, a family, or one single person can hear, believe, and be saved is worth it. Together (you and us) we are sharing the good news that releases God’s dynamic power that makes people whole! Thank you for praying for us and for supporting the work financially.

With much love and whole hearted gratitude,

Charley & Julie

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Finding Lost Treasure

Dear Friends & Family,  It’s a joy to write you early this morning. As we step over into the new year I think most of us do so desiring positive change in many areas of our lives. I do and have every year. I want changes within my heart and soul this year. So I am up early, […]

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Freedom For The Burdened & Battered

Dear Friends and Family, Please let me share a very brief and yet positive report. Last week in the Colombian hamlet of Sonsón, I watched Jesus take on fear with His perfect love. Guess who won? No match of course. Right before the first meeting a rainbow appeared inspiring me to preach from Isaiah 54:9-10. […]

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Life’s Road

Buenos dias from Bogota’. Julie and I hope your summer was great and you got some rest. The nine hour drive from Rionegro to Bogota’ the day before yesterday was a great example of life. At times, it was a four-lane highway smooth and fast. But soon it would change back to two lanes, up and […]

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A Heart’s Journey In Meditation

Dear Friends & Family, Julie and I send you a big hug. Sometimes my son Seth says, “You got to risk it to get the biscuit.” I want to risk my heart today. Recently Psalms 48:9 has taken my soul on a pretty cool journey. This is the way it reads in the New Living Translation. “O […]

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The Promise

Dear Friends & Family, Happy summer! Julie and I hope you are well and enjoying yours. We are having a great time keeping grandsons while Charley Jr. and Kelly are in Peru. I am enjoying the extra time to read and do some cooking.  Among other things the Lord has been taking me through a restudy of His […]

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Equipping Young Missionaries

Dear Friends & Family, Greetings from Asia. I have begun the journey back to Colombia and have a positive report for you. What the Lord has done makes my heart very happy. The GoRevival event was a big hit. In three days we reached more than 1,500 youth with the gospel and baptism in the Holy Spirit. […]

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GoRevival Time !

Dear Friends & Family, Greetings from the Northeast! Wow. The dream is happening and happening fast. The GoRevival  School of Himalayan missions is moving in power and love. It is awesome what Jesus is doing in and through our trainees. We’ve had class for 4 hours in the morning and wonderful outreaches throughout the afternoon. We […]

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On The Road To Revival

Dear Friends & Family, Julie and I hope this letter finds you full of joy. It’s a beautiful morning here in Colombia. We wish that we could bottle it up and send you some.  Wow. What is going on with the ministry, and us can be best summed up in the words of Willie Nelson, “On […]

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A Wonderful Year End Report

Dear Friends & Family, Julie and I wish you a tremendously blessed and joy filled new year! After a more than Merry Christmas with family, we are flying back to Colombia New Years Day. Like the great apostle Paul, I want to exclaim, “But thanks beto God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ”!Together […]

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