An Opportunity For The Gospel

Julie and I send you our greetings and love from Colombia. We hope you are having a great summer. It’s very nice here in the mountains of Colombia this time of year. The temperatures range from the 50s at night into the 70s during the day. Also, there is the least amount of rain in June and July. I have a really good report to share with you.

Last week was a good one. Jesus granted 15 salvations and filled 23 with Holy Spirit. We give Him all the glory for what He is doing. The highlight for me was that I got to spend Thursday afternoon with a man named Hernan. He is 91 and suffering Lymphoma. I shared the gospel and prayed with him to receive Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. Having served in the military for 30 years in Colombia and many other tough life experiences formed him into a stoic. He was touched by Jesus and actually cried tears when we prayed for his healing. His wife, children, and grandchildren were present and told me later it was the first time they had seen him cry tears. His wife and family are believers and they were so elated to see him surrender his heart to Jesus and receive the gift of salvation and eternal life. Yes Jesus! For me this is what it’s all about.

Tomorrow I am meeting with a young man who is supposed to be a great guitar player/ singer and his friend. In August we will be evangelizing publicly on the streets and in the plazas of Rionegro and in various towns in the area. Everyone here seems to be in quite a bit of fear. We see it as a great opportunity to share the gospel. I have been told there are about 90 elderly people living at the Rionegro landfill. They are fighting to survive by doing recycling work. We are working on an outreach to them. This will include dispensing food and other necessities.

Because of restrictions we currently cannot get a permit to hold a large evangelistic meeting but are continuing to pursue one for the near future. However, as we publicly evangelize every day in the streets, plazas, and homes, we will see many souls come to Jesus! Please pray for us. We need effectual doors to open for the Gospel. We need a strong fire and heavy anointing of the Holy Spirit. We want to take every opportunity and abound in every good work.

I believe we will write again soon with a good report of more souls saved and many healed and set free. Thank you for being so generous to send us and to help us reach them.

Con Mucho Amor,
Charley & Julie 

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