Finding Lost Treasure

Dear Friends & Family,

It’s a joy to write you early this morning. As we step over into the new year I think most of us do so desiring positive change in many areas of our lives. I do and have every year. I want changes within my heart and soul this year. So I am up early, seeking Jesus and praying for Him to change Charley. His answer this morning is Luke 15:8 concerning the parable of the lady who had ten coins and lost one

Her necessary positive change, was to recover something of value that she had lost within her own house. I think the house represents our life or heart. It was lost on the inside but not the outside. So that means it is still in there. That’s good news. Over this past 28 years of doing life with Jesus, He and I have recovered some lost parts of who He created me to be. I have also lost some of them at times and yet there are still some parts that I have not yet found. Like most people I am searching.  

The first thing the lady did was she turned on the light. Aha! So Jesus, turn on and shine Your light in my heart because without that light, I can’t see and thus cannot connect with and recover what is lost within me. Next thing she did was she swept the house. Oh yeah, that’s good. Last week I cleaned out a storage unit and found all kinds of lost and forgotten things while I was cleaning. So while Jesus is helping me to sweep and clean out my heart, He and I will find the lost and forgotten treasure. He and I will even find new things that I never knew were there.   

It says she searched diligently while cleaning. In other words, it may take some time and it is going to take some intentionality. We can’t give up until what is lost is found. How many times have I given up on Charley? A lot. How many times has Jesus given up on you and I? Zero.   

It says when she finds it she will call her friends and neighbors and say “rejoice with me because I found my lost coin.” In other words she was filled with joy and had a great testimony to share and encourage everyone else with. Now that is awesome. When we recover a part of ourself that has been lost or discover and embrace a newly found part Jesus created in us, this will tremendously minister to others. So it’s not just about me, but this is the door to the kingdom and to helping others. And at the end of the parable it says that this is repentance. Which means to change my mind and purpose. So I deduce that God’s personal word for 2020 is “Repent Charley”. I am really excited and truly encouraged by this. You’re welcome to borrow it if you like!

Julie and I would like to ask a simple favor. Would you consider taking our family photo (below) and giving it a little real estate in your memory and prayers? The worst thing for those in missions is to be out of site. Which means out of mind, resulting in being out of heart at times, or even out of prayers. Likewise, please feel free to reach out to me anytime you want or need prayer. 

This may or may not have been the greatest year on planet earth, but it can be the absolute greatest inside our hearts and souls. With that confidence we wish you a super happy happy 2020!

We truly love and appreciate you,

Charley & Julie 

Wishing You A Happy 2020!

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